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3 steps for growing your authority, influence, and tribe

By Renae Gregoire


Isn’t that what we digital entrepreneurs aspire to?  

We want to be recognized as authorities in our fields.  

We want to hold influence over the shape of our worlds, and our clients’ worlds.  

And, we want a large — okay, let’s be real here — a MASSIVE following.  

We want a tribe full of people who look up to us and follow us because we’re rockin’ and rollin’ their lives.  

This morning, I asked the Universe to help me to aspire to greatness.  

(Not in those words, exactly. But definitely in that heart sense.)

Not altogether surprisingly, I received an answer straight away.

Here’s what the Universe said:

Dear Renae,

Celebrate, collaborate, inspire.

— Love, the Universe


Those words are right on.

Here's how you can use them to aspire to greatness in your business.


Specifically, celebrate your successes with family and friends.

Photo by Kelsey Knight on Unsplash

Let’s face it.

To say that I aspire to greatness — greatness in authority, influence, and tribe — and to ASK for greatness — means I’m not really feeling it at the moment.

To me, here, in this moment, greatness is still an intellectual construct.

I’m not living or breathing it, although I’m certainly being pushed and pulled by the want of it.

If I — if you — want to live and breathe greatness, the Universe says to CELEBRATE.

With those who know you well, celebrate your successes—your past times of greatness.

Can I consider you a friend for a moment?

And can you consider the same of me?

If so, pause with me now to think about your successes.



Photo by Lukasz Saczek on Unsplash



Did you do it?

I’m pausing right now, and here’s what successes are coming up for me.

  • First Success: I’ve been working full-time, from my home, as a marketing writer and editor for almost 20 years now. Wow — 20 years. That’s a lot of time. It’s approaching one third of my life! ONE THIRD! I’ve gathered up a lot of experience in that time. <SHOOT — Renae! That’s something to CELEBRATE!>
  • Second Success: I’m not sure I can totally take credit for this, and please don’t think I’m bragging (j/k I’m totally bragging!) — TWO of my three children graduated from high school as their class valedictorians. HOLY SMOKES! How can this be? Thinking back to my high school days, I was NOT among the crowd eligible for top scholastic honors. Those folks were the brainiacs. I always imagined them alone in their rooms, glasses perched on their noses, reading and studying all day long. Well … now that I think of it … the two who are valedictorians also wear glasses, and they sat inside reading and (maybe) studying, all day long. <Pat yourself on the back, mom! You did well! They did well! CELEBRATE!>
  • Third Success: Not too long ago, I was invited to have one of my articles shared on Medium! <You’ve been waiting for this recognition, Renae. All of that time, writing and editing and publishing … it’s paying off. CELEBRATE!>


Specifically, collaborate on a creative project.

One reason why I’m super excited to be sharing with you right now is because I recently climbed into a small float, and pushed myself off the Isle of Fear and Aloneness to be swept away to God-only-knows-where-and-what by the waters of collaboration.

In other, less flowery, prose, I shoved down my fear and put myself into places that have opened doors to collaboration with others.

Mind you — it has taken me almost 20 years to get to this place. For those past many years, I sheltered in relative safety on the Isle of Fear and Aloneness, working my freelance gigs, writing and editing and longing for greatness, holding on for Dear Life when any thought of collaboration came to mind.

Not any more!

I’m out there, baby … and I’m lovin’ every minute of it!

<There’s another Success, Renae — you did it! You put yourself out there and found Collaborations that will help get your message to many more!>

  • First collaboration: Dream Team! I was recently invited to take the seat of “Writer” in a multi-person Dream Team designed to carry entrepreneurs from point A to point Z along a particular journey. I’ve been sworn to secrecy for now, but sense that this collaboration will lead to me meeting with many more people who need my special brand of content ideation and co-creation. All will be revealed soon!
  • Second collaboration: Joint Venture Ology! Do you know Jay Fiset? He’s the founder of Mastermind to Millions and JVology. Jay recently ran a five-day challenge on Facebook. HOLY POTENTIAL PARTNERSHIPS! Right now, I have five calls lined up with potential JV partners. FIVE potential partners who can refer people to me, or to whom I can refer people. Interesting aside: I’ve spent the last year or so creating “products,” including the Blog Post Inspiration Deck. Those creations give me “things” to offer people on both sides of me — people who serve others who need what I offer, or who need what my partners offer. <Coincidence much?>

I guess it’s true — no woman is an island. You can’t achieve greatness on your own.


Something amazing is waiting for you.

Hook up with people, people!


Specifically, inspire others to reach new heights.

Ah. I’ve been waiting to get here, because the thought of inspiring YOU led me to create this post in the first place.

I love to inspire others — always have, always will.

My greatest hope for YOU, dear reader, is that this post will in some small way point you inward or outward, to the greatness you know in your bones lies on the road just ahead of you.

Also know this: Your greatness is yours and yours alone.

No matter how many others are out there on the Isle or in the waters alongside you, only YOU can offer your special brand of magic.

<Do you hear that, Renae?>

Pursue that greatness.

Chase it.

And along the way, don’t forget to CELEBRATE, COLLABORATE, and INSPIRE someone else.

Therein lies the secret to authority, influence, and a growing, loving tribe.


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