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Hi there. I'm writer, editor, and digital conversion expert Renae Gregoire.

A copywriting faux pas? 

As a marketing writer, I know I’m not supposed to talk about “me.” But I also know that if you’re seriously considering tapping into my learning and talent for conversion-focused copy that helps you influence and sell, you’ll want to know a little more about who I am—and who I'm not.

I know I would.

Marketer, writer, editor, gentle persuader

First and foremost, I’m a marketer. Sales enthusiast. Lover of business, ideas, and the entrepreneurial spirit. 

I love these times we're living in, when the Internet brings together buyers and sellers from every corner of globe. People who have ideas can publish them. People who have dreams can make them happen—and I love to be part of making it so!

Second, I'm a writer. Marketing writer. Copywriter. Despite much bluster to the contrary, I believe you shouldn’t persuade people to buy products or services they really don’t want. I also believe it’s not in your best interests to try. After all, persuasion is less about making people turn left when they're headed right; it's more about leading people down a road they're already traveling.

My views on persuasion don't stop me from using persuasion techniques; they simply mean I'm not a loud-mouthed, overly enthusiastic, shove-it-down-their-throats kind of writer. I believe people still read. And they do love to buy. But they also hate to be sold. My goal is to educate people. It’s to build trust and confidence. My goal is to help your buyers say YES to the next step in the buying process, whatever it may be, and to feel good about doing so!

I'm also a researcher and a student of the buyer's journey. I can consume large quantities of complex information, and distill it down to its essence, picking up gold nuggets for your copy along the way. I'll take anecdotes if you have them, but I prefer to rely on insights from surveys, interviews, and other voice-of-customer research to light my way to the most effective—and results-generating—content and copy.

If we work together, expect guidance on design and the reader's experience as well. I have a great eye for design, and am an admirer of all things beautiful. And though you are my client, your readers will be my primary concern. I care about the words they read, the context in which they read those words, and the container both get packaged in. 

Finally, I'm an editor par excellence and a lover of the written word. I have the advanced pattern recognition skills that let me keep your style in check. But I'm not a proofreader. Typos always slip by me. Always! Still, I really love a well-turned phrase, and crave intelligent writing that opens my eyes—writing that makes me think and helps me grow.

My invitation to you

Want my help in creating content and copy that convert for your business? Or perhaps you need help creating thought-leadership content?

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