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Client list

Client list and completed writing and editing projects

The client list that follows is a representative selection of companies I've worked with, and the types of projects I've handled.

Aeris Aerobics
For this developer of the Aeris Aerobic septic system, created brochures for homeowners and precasters, a letter for builders, and a letter for precasters.

For nine months, served as a virtual extension of this SaaS provider's content team. During my stay, I worked on a lot of content: Internal mission and vision documents, user "how to" content, epic and non-epic blog posts, ebooks, sales nurture campaigns, marketing nurture campaigns, press materials, web content ... you name it, I probably wrote it.

Company Confidential
Ghostwrite a monthly eight-page CEO newsletter article; I've been ghosting for this CEO since 2014.

Fakhoury Law Group
For this law firm specializing in immigration issues, created a document to guide mission and vision statement development, and developed a voice and tone guide.

i Print N Mail
Created funnel content for this direct mail agency's new Social Direct Mail service. Content included email newsletter ads, landing pages, ebooks, and blog posts.

Red Road Tours
Wrote content for educational and safari tour provider in East Africa

Routsis Training
Wrote many pieces of content for this training company serving the plastics manufacturing industry: Web content, testimonial content, sales letters, email letters, trade show content, landing page content, webinar-registration content, and more.

Sharma Eminent Domain Lawyers
Wrote a direct mail letter for this Florida-based law office specializing in eminent domain.

Sunflower LLC
Created a trifold brochure for this consultant serving community, educational, non-profit, and faith-based groups involved in health services.

The Resumator
Wrote innumerable pieces of content for this HR-focused SaaS company: Ebooks, ebook series, web content, downloadable reports, email content, PR content, blog posts, success stories, and more.

Worked as freelance writer for this marketing communications firm serving the high-tech industry. Projects included creating sell sheets, case studies, success stories, and business cases.

Created content for a conference handout; tweaked web content for an upcoming product branding relaunch; wrote content for a pre-conference direct mail postcard for yet another conference.​

Recommended, conceptualized, and created content for a new educational section of this enterprise seller’s content management and transaction case management website.​

Guarantee Mortgage
Write new web content for this mortgage service company.

Developed and wrote web content for this provider of an automated sports management tool for sports team managers, coaches, and volunteers.​

Danbury Mint
Wrote content for a direct mail package to sell the Hummel Ornaments collection.​

Arrow Security
Wrote web content and brochure content for this provider of business security services.

Company Confidential
For this higher-education marketing and technology firm, wrote new web content for university clients moving existing master’s degree programs online. A few of the programs I wrote content for include:​

  • Master of Science in Project Management​
  • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
  • Master of Science in Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Public Safety Administration

The work included writing content for pay-per-click and partner campaigns, press releases, email blasts, program overview and specialization web pages, FAQ pages, curriculum pages, university about and history pages, letter from the President pages, virtual tour pages, and more.

Manning Publications
For this publisher of technical books, served as developmental editor for numerous titles, walking authors through the process of developing and writing a book from TOC to production hand-off. The work included:​

  • Reading and commenting on manuscripts at the paragraph, chapter, and book levels​
  • Recommending new content and graphics to minimize cognitive load and help readers learn difficult concepts more easily
  • Challenging weak author statements and arguments
  • Ensuring that authors followed the publisher’s style requirements
  • Overall helping the publisher to get quality manuscripts out of technically adept but non-writer authors

Dr. Robert Girling, Sonoma State University
Developmentally and comprehensively edited chapters of a business case text about socially conscious firms for this professor and established author.

Stacey Lee Agency
Created new SEO web content for nationwide event planner, producer, and talent provider. Also created meta descriptions, installed new content using an online CMS, and wrote an article to be submitted to local publications.​

Triumph Learning
For this nationwide provider of standards-aligned curricula and online learning tools, wrote and edited web content directed to educators and administrators.​

Boffin China
Comprehensively edited B2B web content for this growing provider of Asian-language translation and localization services; wrote e-mail letter designed to introduce the firm to prospects.​

Professional Placement Nursing
Wrote corporate and trifold brochure content targeted to physicians and social and hospital staff for private duty nursing provider.​

Using client-recorded interviews, wrote success stories for this Net Promoter SaaS company.

Edited internal case studies and marketing documents for this SaaS provider of foreign currency risk management solutions.​

Comprehensively edited client proposals and RFP responses for this SaaS leader in the Net Promoter space.​

Boffin Language Group
Comprehensively edited RFP responses for this leading Asian language translation and localization agency.​

Upwardly Mobile
Wrote and edited blog posts, web content and other copy for online provider of career management solutions.​ Also wrote content for a report to be received by users who take an online networking assessment. Created content for members-only portion of the site.​

Petrack Consulting
Developed content for a press kit, including bio, services and results pages.​

Stoquart s.a.
Created new web content for this global translation and localisation firm.​

Wrote dozens of case studies for this leader in the promotional products industry.

For this purveyor of enterprise-level customer feedback technology, edited and wrote case studies and press releases, and developed new web content.​

Upwardly Mobile
For this exciting start-up, tackled an ongoing truckload of content: Comprehensive editing of a research study; blog post idea development, editing and writing; web content writing; knowledge center writing; article writing … and more!​

Company Confidential
Wrote product descriptions to test and determine the retail price of a new product launch; wrote a direct mail letter targeting product buyers in the hospitality and tourism industries.​

College Rules Educational Services
Developed marketing recommendations for a consultant serving college-bound high school students and their parents.

Company Confidential
Comprehensively edited lengthy business plan for soon-to-launch venture.

Wrote content for autoresponder e-mail series to be delivered to C-level readers interested in learning more about the world’s leading CEO organization; work also involved interviewing nationally and internationally known business leaders, speakers, and coaches.

Community Care Companions
Wrote content for series of brochures for a company providing in-home medical and non-medical care to the elderly and rehabilitating. Brochures included corporate brochure, partner brochure, trifold brochure with business reply card, and referral program brochure.

Fourth Sector Investments
Wrote founder bio and web content for new investment company whose purpose is to explore the social and economic viability of ‘for benefit’ companies; created one-sheet surrounding one such ‘for benefit’ company.

Randolph Equities
Wrote content for 12-page brochure used to encourage pre- and post-construction leasing of a new class-A medical office facility.

Petrack Consulting
Edited and rewrote web content for consultant specializing in pediatric emergency medicine.

Equity Methods
Developmentally edited numerous white papers ranging from 10 to 100+ pages, corporate brochure copy and web content for a specialized accounting solution provider serving the Fortune 1000.

Prudential Retirement
Created copy for marketing and educational brochures; wrote Q&As; created a direct mail letter addressed to public school leaders; created copy for posters and payroll stuffers; wrote a press release–all representing the nation’s largest and most respected governmental 401(k) plan.

Interviewed leadership at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and at HighWire Press, a division of the Stanford University Libraries. Following interviews, created success stories for enterprise vendor.

Edited “Letter from the CEO,” voice scripts and email letters used to communicate with prospects and customers.