My Why - Previously "Manifesto"

For the longest time, this page was called Manifesto. Over the last little while, though, several people have told me they were offended by the term because nefarious types have co-opted it. I agree, which is why I changed the name of this page in my website's navigation. However, until I have the time to update the content of this page, as well as the PDF and the screenshot of it, and the various links leading into the page, I'm leaving things "as is." Just wanted you to know.

What is a manifesto, anyway?

A manifesto is a written statement publicly declaring the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. 

According to Wikipedia, the first known English use of the word was in these two sentences in 1620: 

To this citation he made answer by a Manifesto.


They were so farre surprised with his Manifesto, that they never would suffer it to be published.

The word is still used and understood in the same way today, almost 400 years later, even headlining as the name of a 2015 film by Julian Rosefeldt.

My manifesto: what I believe, and why I do what I do

I invite you to download my manifesto

If, after reading, you feel inspired or moved or ready to hire me to help you write your own, please let me know.