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How to present information about yourself visually

I’d been thinking about rewriting my traditional resume for some time when I came across a site for visual resumes:

I loved the idea of presenting my plain, boring data visually, so I allowed the system to pull in my LinkedIn data, and voilà — a visual bio data!

Although a great concept, the presentation provided by the system (and a few similar systems) did not appeal to me.

So I hired a designer to create a visual resume in a style I liked. And I love the result!

(The final resume is two pages long, so please download for a complete view.)

The version
(My inspiration)
The final, designed version
(Click here to download)

Heads up: Automated human resources systems won’t like your visual bio data, so if you’re planning to create one, share it only as an “extra,” maybe while you’re sitting across the table from a prospective employer or client. Stick with the traditional text-based bio data when you apply for gigs so that your data gets pulled into a company’s recruiting system.

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