grow your influence, leads, and sales with authority blogging

The Authority Blogger's Kit

3 Tools for Coaches, Consultants, and Other Experts

Your perfect potential client is out there, visiting websites in search of someone who "gets" them, someone they resonate with, someone who, with quiet confidence, implicitly or explicitly asserts—"Yes, I can help you, right now." 

The tools Inside the Authority Blogger's Kit act like a diving board, springing you towards creating aspirational, educational blog posts that shine a light on your unique brilliance and grow "know, like, and trust." Inside the Kit, get:

  • The Credibility Checklist: Drop these credibility markers into your posts
  • The 9-Point Blog Post Planner: Plan your posts with this fillable, reusable tool
  • The 5 Blog Post Templates guide: Follow my detailed, step-by-step instructions and examples for creating five types of authority-building blog posts

Get the Kit. Blog with Authority, starting today.

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