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Are you a content creator? Do you need ideas for your videos, Facebook Lives, Facebook page and group posts, LinkedIn posts, Instagram posts, Tweets, blog posts, vlog posts, email marketing, and more? 

Then you might be interested in the Blog Post Inspiration Deck, a tool for anyone who needs an ongoing supply of ideas for marketing content.


Never run out of ideas and inspiration for your blog, email newsletter, social media, and vlog again with The Blog Post Inspiration Deck, a set of 60 cards plus Guidebook, plus in-depth Inspiration Ebook, designed to give you a fun, creative way to answer the question, “What should I write (or talk) about today?”

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Create one-of-a-kind content by pulling from
your interests, experiences, perceptions, and thoughts.

How many times have you wondered, "What should I write about?!?"

Wonder no more.

Use the Blog Post Inspiration Deck whenever you need inspiration for your blog, email newsletter, guest posts, vlog, and social media channels.

Inside the box, you’ll find three categories of 20 cards each:

  • 20 TYPE cards — TYPE represents a type of post, like a what-if post or a how-to post.
  • 20 TOPIC cards — TOPIC represents a specific idea for the content of the post, such as something funny that happened or a customer question.
  • 20 VIBE cards — VIBE represents the spirit of a post, like abundance or flexibility; the vibe can represent the spirit from which you create the post, the spirit you wish readers to feel as they read or view it, or even the topic itself if that’s what comes to mind.

All together, the deck gives you 20 x 20 x 20 — or 8,000 — possible content ideas, enough to keep you generating a piece of content a day for the next 22 years! (Granted, that’s unlikely to happen, but it’s still cool to think about!)

Even more important though, The Blog Post Inspiration Deck gives you endless INSPIRATION.

A Guidebook included in the box gets you up and playing right away. And a longer, in-depth, BONUS downloadable Inspiration Ebook gives you detailed descriptions of each TYPE, TOPIC, and VIBE, as well as examples of how to use each of them to develop your posts.

Oh — and the ebook doesn’t cost extra; it’s free!




Type of blog post = Inspiration post. What inspires you? What inspires your readers? What does inspiration mean to you? Or maybe go opposite -- uninspired? It's all fodder for your blog.)

Topic of blog post = Something you're thankful for. It can be as small as the tiny dot bandage that protects a cut or as large as your life and the air you breath. Everything in between? It's up for grabs!

Vibe of blog post = Voracity, or the state of consuming a lot of something. Think of a voracious appetite, whether for jasmine rice, $100 bills, new leads in your inbox, or something else. And how about your prospects? What are they hungry for?

Order The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

$15.00 with coupon code "book"

(plus $5 shipping for US residents)