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Express site review

Improve your site. Lead more people to YES!

It’s painful when your website’s not working.

You’re driving traffic. People are visiting. But they’re not signing up or buying.​

The Express Site Review package (a downsized, video version of the original Site Review) gives you exactly what you need to know to improve your website RIGHT NOW.​

When you make changes based on my recommendations, you’ll have a usable, readable, professional website that leads more people to YES. ​

Express Site Review: What you DON'T get

Since this is the budget option, I took out the stuff you probably don’t need:

  • Pre- and post-review phone calls​
  • Me reading every word on every page of your site
  • A written report

Express Site Review: What you DO get

Instead, to deliver my expertise at a price you can afford, I’ll record a video as I work through your website, exploring as a first-time visitor would.

You’ll see my actions, and hear what I’m thinking as I browse.​

Of course I’ll also provide lots of recommendations, but it’ll be your job to take notes as you listen to the recording of the live video session.​

The Express Site Review service: What’s included

What you get

The specifics

  • Video website review

With the screen-capture recorder rolling, I’ll head to your website just as a first-time visitor would. See my actions and hear my thoughts and recommendations as I move through the site. I’ll look at messaging, organization, flow, usability, images, cart–whatever a real prospect would look at and do when considering whether to buy your products or service. When the review is complete, I’ll send you the video so you can listen and take notes–and finally know what to do to drive more people to YES on your website.

Have questions? Maybe I’ve already answered them in my brand booster Q&A.

No questions? If you're ready, here's how to get started.​

Take your website to the next level.

1.  Click the button below to use Paypal to purchase the Express Site Review package for $299.

2.  After you pay, you'll be directed to a confirmation page with instructions for getting in touch so you can send me a link to the website that needs attention.

3.  Stay tuned; I'll respond to you within 24 business hours.

Don't want to pay by Paypal? Want to pay by check instead? Please let me know.