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2-pager, or sell sheet, brochure

The two-page brochure, also known as a sell sheet, data sheet, or flyer

Sometimes a trifold brochure just isn't big enough. Maybe you want to share a large graphic, or you simply need to fit more text in to a single document.

Enter the two-pager brochure, also known as a flyer, or a sell sheet. The good thing about the two-pager:

  • You can still fold and mail it in a standard business envelope, as you can a trifold.
  • Because it's still a single page, it costs just as much to print as does a trifold.
  • You get more room for text than is available on a trifold.

How might you use such a document? I've had clients use them as:

  • Leave behinds, documents you can hand to prospects when you leave a sales meeting​
  • Datasheets, to share detailed information on products and services
  • Lead magnets, which prospects can download from your website or social channel
  • Inserts for folder-style brochures, so you can tailor your brochure to each target

The Two-Page Brochure Writing package: How it works

When you purchase this package, I'll create content for a two-page brochure, flyer, lead magnet, or sell sheet you can proudly present to your prospects and customers. Although I don't do design, I do think visually, so I'll lay out the two-pager in a document-appropriate template to make it easier to create sections and to choose images.

The Two-Page Brochure Writing package: What's included

What you get

The specifics

  • 30-minute kickoff call

Before I begin, I need to understand your company, your audience and their journey, and your goals. In this 30-minute call, either over the phone, by Skype, or through Hangouts, I’ll pick your brain in preparation for project. If you prefer email, we can handle kickoff that way as well.

  • Outline, brainstorming

After we speak, I’ll do a quick-dive on the web to learn about your company, offerings, customers, and market. From there, and with the guidance you provided to me during our call, I’ll develop the bare bones of your new two-pager, including proposed headings, a mini-outline of the content I plan to include, and a list of questions I’ll need you to answer for each section.

  • Writing

After you approve the outline and answer my questions, I’ll write the content. I’ll also provide image recommendations, from my sources or yours.

  • Editing

When I send the content to you — via Word or Google Docs, your choice — you read it, mark it up, ask questions, ask me to add or remove content … whatever it takes to get it ready for design. Then, I’ll work up version 2.0, and send it to you so you can keep the project moving.

  • Optional: Post-design review

Although not part of this package, you may also want me to look at the brochure one last time, after it’s been through design. You’d be surprised at how many times I find errors: Duplicated paragraphs, wrong captions, even typos that you and I may have missed during our earlier review. This service costs $129 for a two-pager; I’ll bill you separately for it once I’m through.

Have questions? Maybe I've already answered them in my brochure writing Q&A.

No questions? If you're ready, I'm ready! Let's get started.

Get a quote for a two-pager that leads more people to YES!

The price of this package varies depending on how much research I need to do and how many interviews I must conduct. I also need to find out whether you'd like me provide any "extras," such as messaging guidance, an order form, or a website review and editing; the latter may be particularly important, because if the brochure pushes people to a website, then the brochure content should not be a rehash of the same material that exists on your website. 

To help me prepare a quote, the next step is to schedule a 30-minute Get Acquainted call. There's no obligation; the call is just so that we can discuss what you have in mind. Please choose a time that works for you on the calendar that follows.

P.S. If you run into problems with the calendar (technology, you know!), please email me so I can get it fixed--and you scheduled.