Content and Copy Insiders

Content and Copy Insiders is a bi-weekly office-hours program for content-creating founders, marketers, consultants, coaches, and other experts serving professional audiences.

Do you have high standards but struggle to create excellent content for your business? 

Here are but few ways that struggle may play out and affect you:

  • You're writing a new thought-leadership blog post but the content isn't turning out as you had hoped. You may not even be sure what's wrong with it. Are you getting your point across? Is there too much repetition? Are you leaving something out? Whatever the case, you can't post it in its current state, which means your voice and transformative ideas aren't getting out into the world to help your audience and sell your products and services. 
  • Someone lands on your website. They begin poking around, reading. "Wait," they think. "Is that a typo, or something worse?  What's this supposed to mean? <sigh> I can't make any sense out of this." With a shake of the head, off they go, looking for another provider.
  • A happy client has just agreed to participate in a client story. Hooray! You conduct the interview, but when you sit down to write realize you're not sure how best to proceed. How do you format the thing? What should you include? What should you exclude? How long should it be? What are the best practices? Looking at the clock, frowning, you table the idea until you have more time... which may or may not come.
  • A prospect signs up for your newsletter. They enter their name and email address, click the Subscribe button... but nothing happens. "Huh?" they wonder. "Am I subscribed or not?" Enter again. Click again. Same nothing. They REALLY want to hear from you (a rare case, indeed), so they head to their inbox to see if you sent a welcome email. But nope. Nothing. And right there, you may have lost a perfect potential client.


This is where I come in.

Creating easy, enjoyable content experiences that build trust and sell is my expertise.

Hi, I'm writer, editor, content marketer, and clarity expert Renae Gregoire.

It breaks my heart to see so many of my fellow content marketers and thought leaders struggling to share their brilliance due to ongoing tangles with content.

Maybe you relate.

Maybe you're wrestling with a gated content asset, also known as a lead magnet. You need it done NOW for an upcoming campaign, but you can't look at it again. You're too close, too familiar with it.

Maybe your lead magnet IS working to bring in new people, but you're unhappy with the emails you're sending. Maybe those emails aren't working.

Perhaps you've poured your blood, sweat, and tears into your website, LinkedIn bio, paid ebook, or other content, only to get low to no response—and you have no idea why.

It could also be that you've spent the last six months to a year asking various colleagues and maybe even copywriters for input on your content, and now—after applying all their suggestions—you're left with FrankenContent, and you have no idea how to fix it!

Whatever the issue, I've seen it. 

I get it.

Your content isn't complete. Or it isn't working.

People aren't clicking, replying, buying.

That's why I created Content and Copy Insiders.

Content and Copy Insiders

Content and Copy Insiders may be your answer.

As an Insider, you can submit your work for review during one of our bi-weekly office-hours sessions. During our 90 minutes together, I review four to five pieces of member-submitted content, sharing what works, what doesn't, and how to make the pieces powerful. 


But as great as an individual review is, Insiders is not just for you to have me review your content; it's a place and time where you can LEARN to create great content by watching me review the work of others.

These are real-world pieces of content created for real-world business sales and marketing efforts, so you're learning the PRACTICAL things you need to do to create content that generates awareness, sparks interest, and eventually sells. 

See what elements in your content trip people up. Discover what GOOD things you can add to make people lean in and want to hear more. Every session, you'll learn many things about writing and content marketing that apply to you.

How much is it? Membership to Content and Copy Insiders is $399 a month for as long as you remain a member. No commitments.

Here are the details:

  • Content and Copy Insiders 
  • $399 a month
  • Inaugural meeting is Friday, August 4, 2023
  • Meetings every other Friday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Eastern 
  • Submit your content in advance for a live review
  • Access all past calls in an archived call-recording library
  • Bring your questions and content issues to a BONUS monthly Q&A call
  • Get access to me for quick queries through a private Slack channel


What's it like to be a Content and Copy Insider?

When I open a piece, live, during one of our bi-weekly Content Coaching Club sessions, I experience it as your audience does:

  • Drinking in the first impression
  • Sliding down the words on the page, sensing how they read and make me feel
  • Exploring the buttons and links and whatever other tech might be involved

But unlike your prospects, I don't turn away when I hit a snag. I explain what's wrong while trying to make sense of what this particular content is trying to bring to the world. And as I encounter issues, I offer empathy (been there) and prioritized recommendations for fixes (done that).

Discover what you need to create high-quality content that sells and get support and guidance for fixing what's broken... TLC included.

By the way, here's a video of what happens on a call when you submit your content in advance and I review it.  

I call it "live editing."

(Note this video is from several years ago when I ran another version of Insiders.)

Click to play

Create incredible content that builds trust and leads more people to say YES to your offers

I invite you to become a Content and Copy Insider. The information and insight you glean in each bi-weekly session will empower you to see your content through your readers' eyes, so you can learn to create content that educates, builds trust, and leads more people to say YES to your offers.

What kind of content do I review? Whatever content you use to move readers closer to a sale or to being a repeat customer. Content and Copy Insiders is for web content, lead magnets, landing pages, email sequences, sales pages, blog posts, trade articles, course content, ebooks, white papers, client stories, slides, and more.  

What content elements do I look at? These are the types of issues I usually see and help you correct.

  • Poor first impression
  • Irrelevant graphics
  • Unexplained terms
  • No social proof
  • Strange color schemes
  • Unequal value exchange
  • No way to contact you
  • Broken forms
  • Content density
  • Unclear differentiation
  • No way to close the gap
  • Poor text flow
  • Heavy negative language
  • Unanswered questions
  • Broken shopping carts
  • Illogical structure
  • Lack of thought transitions
  • Heavy jargon
  • No clear selling proposition
  • Lack of evidence
  • Preaching
  • Overly sales-y language
  • Lingering objections
  • Grammar errors and typos

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Not sure who I am or if you can trust me? Read these lovely words from my clients and colleagues.

(Aww! I'm blushing!)

Meet my crown jewel editor

Promise - Serial CEO

Meet Renae. She's my crown jewel editor. She's expensive, smart, and will push back on your work, but the outcome... delish.

Always felt as though I was getting a NYT-level review

Cassie - product marketer

Renae is an amazing editor and writer with a passion for grammar and deep curiosity about all manner of subjects. I relied on her heavily to take my product content to the next level and always felt as though I was getting a NYT level review. She is a thorough, but also kind, editor and always took the time to explain major edits so we could understand and improve our initial drafts. If you want to take your content up a notch (or three) Renae is the woman for the job!

Helped me deliver mountains of incredible content

Amanda - strategist

Renae’s brilliant writing and editing helped me deliver mountains of incredible content into the market. Everything she touches becomes clearer, more interesting, and exponentially better. I’m eternally grateful for everything she taught me and our friendship. If you’re looking for writing and editing talent and a great human being, hire Renae. 

Can take a good document and make it great

MichaeL -

Industry marketer

Renae’s superpower is her thorough copyediting skills. She has this amazing ability not only to find and correct grammar and style issues but also to ensure that the document clearly communicates our capabilities and value to the intended audiences. She can take a good document and make it great!

Appreciate your mentoring

Jo ann - consultant

Thank you, Renae!! Your work here is so amazing and generous. I truly appreciate your words, feedback, and mentoring.

Motivated me to start writing

Becky - coach

Renae, you have motivated me to finally start writing, which is huge! I think the structure is key for me. I had some time yesterday, so I wrote two blog posts ... thank you so much.

Oozing with passion

Allyn - product marketer

Renae’s gifts as a writer are extraordinary: Whether the need was fast-cycle (often same-day), longer-term, or more editorial in nature, Renae delivered exceptional work, requiring little revision, and literally oozing with passion for both the subject matter and the writer’s craft.

Talk about "beyond expectations!"

Emory - md, president

Renae, talk about “beyond expectations!” I can’t thank you enough for your work on behalf of my consulting business. While your overall skill and professionalism are outstanding, there are two specific areas that truly stand out. First, your focused expertise in BOTH writing and marketing brings to the table great value for clients (like me) who need integrated support. Second, I am extremely impressed by your ability to get “inside” and understand a business with which you are initially unfamiliar. Not only do you succeed here, but your deep interest in learning about my new business really shined through.

Demonstrated how I could improve the quality and clarity of my writing

james - author 

During the development of [my] book, Renae continually demonstrated how I could improve the quality and clarity of my writing. She constantly asked questions that unveiled weak arguments I had overlooked. She helped restructure lists of loosely coupled ideas into strong themes that unified a chapter. Renae is a dedicated, driven editor. I would be pleased and honored to work with her again.

Love this... getting me to take action!

michelle - icf member

Thank you! Renae, love your feedback. I've already thought about adding in a couple things and appreciate your guidance. Next, I'll work on editing and upleveling my first two blog posts. Love this ... getting me to take action. Yeah!

Teaches so we each believe, "Oh, I can do that!"

Rozlyn - founder

You are amazingly talented! One of the mad skills I see is your ability to teach in a way that we each believe, 'Oh, I can do that!' This is the 'more' you have been calling to you! Own it!

The best editor I've ever met

Heather -

content marketer

Renae is the whole package: Thoughtful researcher, user-focused writer, and disciplined editor. As Stephen King said, 'To write is human, to edit is divine.' And Renae is the best editor I've ever met. She's a grammar goddess and an expert at ensuring copy is concise and clear. 

Way more than writing

Beth -

Engagement strategist

It's not just about putting words down on a page; it's about understanding people, challenges, and product so well that gives her the power to write so authentically. Never have I known a writer who cares so much and goes the extra mile to get the work done. She's always thinking about audience and how to capture their attention, harness their curiosity, and overall give them the best experience of that moment...this is way more than writing.

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Frequently asked questions

Will you record the office hours sessions so I can watch at my convenience?

Yes, you'll receive access to a secure Google Drive folder where all recordings will be stored.

Is there course content, like video lessons, with this program?

No. Content and Copy Insiders is akin to a coach-led mastermind. You'll find most of the value in access to me. Access is one of the reasons I started Insiders—so I can help more people than I could one-on-one create brilliant content that leads audiences to YES! (It's also a bit selfish; I'm frustrated by how much crappy content is out there. I'd clean and edit it ALL if I could!)

Will there be live trainings during the meetings? Or just copy reviews?

Yes, that's why I set the meetings for 90 minutes—so I'll have time to train you on elements of content and copy as well as provide live reviews. And I won't be the only one to set the training agenda; I'll listen to what Insiders want and train on those topics, too. Here's a small list of possible training topics—off the top of my head!

  • Sentence structure
  • Active vs. passive voice
  • SEO and keywords
  • Evidence and proof
  • Client story structure
  • Thought leadership
  • Accessing creativity
  • Blog post elements
  • Editorial calendars
  • Differentiation
  • Email newsletters
  • Images and graphics
  • Know, like, trust
  • Words to eliminate
  • Awareness content
  • Infographics
  • Thought transitions
  • Know thy reader
  • Value propositions
  • Email nurturing
  • Landing pages
  • Pillar pages
  • Credibility killers
  • Voice, tone, style

How do I get my content reviewed during the office-hour calls?

Please be aware that I rarely line-edit content LIVE during our calls; by line-edit, I mean leaving comments and actually editing copy. On the calls, I'll review and provide feedback on select pieces of content submitted by you and other members.  

Is that all you'll do—give feedback on my content and copy?

No! That's why I've been a successful writer and editor for more than 30 years. I don't just deal with the words on the page, as important as they are. I look at the holistic content experience, or how your content looks, sounds, feels, and functions, all from the reader's perspective.

  • Content look refers to the visual aspect of your content—the design, layout, colors, fonts, and branding elements. This is crucial because even before buyers read one word of your content, they form an impression based on how the content looks. And they form that impression fast—almost as fast as one flap of a hummingbird's wings! I'm not a designer, but I have a great eye for design, so I'm make recommendations for design improvement, too.
  • Content sound refers to readability—how well your content reads and flows. Is the content disjointed? Are there gaps? How about unanswered reader questions and objections? Could you rearrange content to improve sound? I think of sound as the way the content sounds inside readers' heads as they read. Does reading cause your readers to stumble? Does it leave them scratching their heads? I'm an expert in content structure and "sound," and will help you create content that reads and flows well.
  • Content feel refers to the individual words and the emotions they convey. It's about voice, tone, and style. Do you follow a style guide? Should you? Which one? Should you use the word "utilize" or "use"? How about "dislike" or "hate"? Do your readers want to feel astonished, awed, delighted, or thrilled? Should you use contractions? Word choice depends on your readers' language and the emotions you want them to feel. I'll help you with this critical element of content, too.
  • Content function refers to usability. Do the buttons on your site work? Are all the emails sending as planned? Do the links in those emails work? I'll help you create a smooth, cohesive content experience. 

As a Content and Copy Insider, you'll get much, MUCH more than copy reviews. 

You said the program is like a mastermind. Will I mastermind with other members? 

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. Part of the beauty of meeting bi-weekly with others who also want to create great content is that you'll chime in and provide feedback on other members' content—and other members will provide feedback to YOU. I previously ran a different version of Insiders for almost two years, and members enjoyed getting to know each other and receiving feedback and ideas from more than just me.

Renae, I have a question not answered here. 

Send me a message! If the question is relevant to all future Insiders, I'll add it to this list.

Get started now to join the inaugrual session!

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