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Is your website and content not working as well as you'd like it to be? Are you unhappy with your materials but not sure why? Want the guidance of a content professional with years of experience? Follow the links at right to learn more about my brand booster packages. Then, visit my portfolio; see what I can do for you.


Whether you need a new ebook from scratch or want to revise an existing piece, my ebook writing packages may be for you. Explore the links to the packages I offer at right. Then, visit my portfolio to sample my style.


Despite what some marketers are teaching these days, the brochure is NOT dead. People still mail brochures, use them as handouts, and publish them on their websites as downloadables. Whether you need a trifold brochure, two-pager or sell-sheet brochure, investor brochure, or something else, explore my brochure packages at right. Then, visit my portfolio to sample my style.  


You know you need a blog, but who has time to write all of that content? Or, perhaps you have engineering or technical talent within your organization -- holders of lots of valuable content you'd like shared with your audience -- but writing is not among their top skillsets. That's where my blog-writing packages come in. I can write from interviews, from outlines, and from research, to get your message out to the world. Explore my blog packages at right, and then explore my blog, and my portfolio.  


If you're in charge of a small marketing team, or if you're the CEO of a start-up, you likely need content help -- and lots of it. I provide content strategy and execution services from competitive content analyses and virtual content marketing, with other new packages to follow soon. Explore my offerings at right. If you don't see what you're looking for, please get in touch.