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My theory of conversion copywriting is that each headline, sentence, image, and bullet point works in harmony with content design and user experience to lead people through a series of YESes.

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  • Read that
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If you're reading this sentence, you likely said YES to click onto this page. And then you said YES after reading the headline. And then you said YES after reading the first sentence, and then each bullet point, and, now, these words.

Will you read further?

If so, I've done my job.

Want me to create copy that converts for your business?

I invite you to get to know me by attending one of my free, twice-monthly training webinars, promoted under the banner of "Influence and Convert." Each session lasts 30 minutes, and no selling is involved. The webinars are my way of reaching more people and fulfilling MY mission of making the web a better place for us all, one web page, one ebook, one email at a time.

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I also invite you to visit my Portfolio to sample my style.

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