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Ebook rewrite: A before-and-after analysis

Upleveling a B2B SaaS company's ebook

To drive interest and awareness, my client, a B2B SaaS company, publishes ebooks to help its target market solve common industry challenges. The company's chief revenue officer (CRO), after reading the latest in-production ebook, asked her VP of marketing to send it to me. "I like it, but I don't love it -- please send it to Renae for an ebook rewrite," she said.

I've worked with this CRO enough over the years to know that when she said she "liked it," she was just being kind.​

The backstory of this particular ebook rewrite

While rewriting the ebook, I discovered in the comments the name of the original author -- someone who's out there, right now, selling her wares under a "technology marketing writer" shingle, complete with a website and blog and ongoing social media efforts. Yet I was astounded at the poor quality of the ebook. I simply could not -- and cannot -- believe that someone, anyone, would want to put their name on that piece of content. I also couldn't believe there are writers like her out there claiming to know how to write while producing the kind of content you'll see in a moment.

Actually, I feel sad for the original ebook writer, and for all of the wanna-be writers out there who fall for the rhetoric of scurrilous sales pages that encourage them to part with their dollars -- anywhere from $19.95 for an ebook on "How to make BIG BUCK$ as a copywriter," to many thousands of dollars for copywriting courses and workshops and programs and memberships.

My goal in publishing this sample is to educate you, the buyer of writing services. I want you to know that just because someone calls themselves a B2B writer or copywriter or marketing writer doesn't make it so. I encourage you to check work samples. Email references. Vet a potential new writer. And do these things as if your livelihood depends on it because, frankly, if you use that writer's copy to sell, then your livelihood WILL depend on the quality of the content the writer produces for you.​

Okay, enough editorializing: Let me show you the ebook.​

View a before-and-after analysis of an ebook rewrite

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