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Ebook writing Q&A

Q: How can you create an ebook for us when you know nothing about our company?

A: I learn fast. And although I may not know anything about your company or its products and services — yet — I do know something about human nature. I’m empathetic; I know what it feels like to download an ebook hoping to learn something that will make my business or life better only to be disappointed in the end by crappy content. Or by walls of text. Or by an overload of jargon. Or by overly salesy content. Or by the same old content I’ve read elsewhere in a dozen other places. I know how to think. I know how to write. I know how to organize. I know how to persuade. I’ve also been doing this work for 15+ years. What more do you need?

Q: How long will it take you to write a new ebook from scratch?

A: From kickoff, the process can take from two to three weeks up to a month. It really depends on how quickly I can get the information I need, how much research I have to do, how long it takes for the review cycle, and other factors. Once we get into the project, I’ll give you an estimated timeline. I’ll also check in with you frequently throughout the process–I hate when vendors make me wonder what’s going on, so I make efforts to always keep you in the know.

Q: How long will it take you to turn my webinar recording into an ebook?

A: From kickoff, I’d say two to three weeks. Once we get into the project, I’ll give you a timeline.

Q: How long will it take you to re-do my ebook?

A: From the day of our kickoff call, the process generally takes two to three weeks. But specifically, how long the process will actually take for your project will depend on a few variables: How quickly we hold the kickoff call, how quickly you respond to the questionnaire, how long it takes you to review the draft, that sort of thing. I can tell you that I won’t overbook. I don’t like giving up family time for dollars by working evenings and weekends–unless it’s for a rush project. Once we get into the project, I’ll work up a timeline. I’ll also keep in contact with you during the process so you won’t have to wonder what I’m doing.

Q: Will you just “copyedit” my ebook? Or will you write new content for it? I’m not sure I understand what an ebook re-do entails.

A: First, if you think that your ebook may just need a copyedit, then don’t buy this package. This package is for an ebook do-over. What might a do-over involve? It depends on your audience, your goals, and what’s in the ebook already. Here are some of the things I typically have to do when reworking an existing ebook:

  • Reorganize the content so that it aligns with a reader’s thought process.​
  • Write a captivating, new introduction that draws readers in.
  • Suggest new graphics or annotations for existing graphics.
  • Suggest new stock photos, or new captions for existing stock photos.
  • Cut duplicate or irrelevant content.
  • Add new, missing content.
  • Rewrite entire passages to improve readability and flow.
  • Rewrite or add headings and subheadings to break up the text.
  • Add bullet points where possible to make the text easier on the eye.

If your ebook doesn’t need that kind of attention, or if you’re unsure about whether this package is for you, then please get in touch. I’ll be happy to take a look.

Q: What if I buy the ebook do-over package and find out that it really doesn't need a full rewrite?

A: I’ll let you know. I haven’t stayed in business for 15+ years by overcharging or ripping people off. If you purchase the ebook do-over package and I see that your ebook doesn’t really require a redo — maybe it only needs a thorough copyedit — I’ll let you know and refund you the difference. I’m here to help you lead people to YES, not just to make a buck.

Q: What about images for the ebook? How does that work?

A: I think visually, and have a great eye for design, so I always offer to find images that map to whatever content I’m creating. If you use a stock photo service, I can choose from there. Or I can use a free photo source if you’d prefer. Either way, I’ll download the images (watermarked from your stock photography service) and add them into the ebook where I think they belong. I’ll also write photo captions if appropriate. If I think a chart or graphic would help readers grasp a concept faster, I’ll work up a rendition for your designer. Sometimes I draw images on paper and then scan them in. Other times I use the SmartArt in Word. It depends on what the situation calls for. Bottom line with graphics is that I can provide lots of direction to your designer if needed.

Q: Can you edit our designed version before we roll it out?

A: Yes, and I always recommend the optional post-design review service to my clients because I’m familiar with the text and the images; I know what we’re going for and can help guide the designer in the right direction. To do so, I either edit a pdf by adding comments, or I prepare a list of changes in Word, whatever you prefer. Note that this service is not included in my package prices. It costs an additional $250, which I’ll bill you for after the work is done. If you’d like me to perform this service, just let me know after we get started.

Q: Do you offer rush services? I need an ebook, want you to do it, but don’t want to wait.

A: Since I can’t create more time in my regular schedule, rush services mean I have to work nights or weekends–something I don’t really like to do. But I have been known to do so if my personal life happens to be quiet. If you’re interested in rush services and are willing to pay a premium, please contact me and tell me about your project.

Q: What if I have a question you haven’t addressed here?

A: Please let me know! I’ll respond promptly and, if appropriate, add your question to this Q&A to help others who might be wondering the same thing.

Q: I’m sold — how do I say YES?

A: Head back to the ebook packages page and purchase the package that’s right for you. I look forward to working with you, and to helping create an ebook that leads more people to YES!