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On the fear of making offers

By Renae Gregoire

How are you when it comes to making offers to your tribe?

I admit that making offers doesn’t come easy to me.

It’s strange, in a way.

I mean … here we are, out on the web doing business, wanting to share our transformative gifts with the world. 

We know we have gifts; our brilliance shines brightly!

We believe in our talents.

We know that we make a WORLD of difference in the lives and businesses of those who hire us.

In my case, I know that I make a WORLD of difference in the businesses of the coaches, consultants, and other experts who hire me.

I help them express what they believe, who they are.

I help them get their messages clear.

I help them create content that gently nurtures, educates, and then leads to sales.

My clients love me because I help them create content that shares who they are, positions them well, and helps them sell. 

Yet still … there’s something that keeps me from making offers to the people who’ve come together on my list, in my tribe.

I think it's something to do with the difference between being a freelancer, which I’ve been since 2002, and being an entrepreneur, a journey that started more recently.

Being a freelancer is easy.

It’s easy to say:

“What’s that? You want me to write content for your funnel? Sure thing. Here’s how I work….”

Being an entrepreneur … that’s hard.

It’s hard to say:

“Hey there! I have this amazing “Write With Ren” funnel creation service where, together, we create all the content for your funnel. Interested?”

Does this resonate? Do you struggle to make offers, too?

If so, read on, because I want to share a set of tools I just discovered. They come from Monica Shah, founder of Revenue Breakthrough.

Monica’s business crossed the 7-figure mark back in 2013, and it has stayed at that level until today.

When I read that, I thought, “This is someone I want to listen to!

I’ll be honest though.

When I first saw Monica’s gift in the Scale Up & Grow Giveaway, I passed it by, probably because the focus was all on tools: “Get 3 tools … tool #1 … tool #2 … tool #3.” 

From my past experience with giveaway gifts, I guess I just wasn’t expecting much. (Monica, if you’re reading this … so sorry!!)

But then, when I went back through the gifts today, I took a closer look at Monica’s.

First, I noticed the name of the gift, which must have blown by me when I first scoped out the giveaway goodies. It’s called: Three Tools to Get Three Clients or Sales in 30 Days.

Hmm. Yummy.

Not an over-reaching promise.


Then I noticed that Monica received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and that she worked in marketing for L’Oreal Paris.


I was sold.

Yes, I’m totally vain. I was sold on her gift not by all the tools, but by: 

  • #1 her education (Kellogg … impressive!)

  • #2 her former employer (Paris … L’Oreal … so glamorous!)

  • #3 her lovely profile picture (I never learned to “do” makeup, so mine is super basic)

And I have to say … I am SO glad for my vanity because the “tools” turned out to be amazing — so amazing that I’m sharing them here with you.

(If the event is still open when you read this, you might want to go grab Monica’s gift now in the Scale Up & Grow Giveaway. If not, contact Monica and tell you her read about it on this post. Perhaps she’ll share it with you!)

First, there’s a 16-page PDF -- a MUST read. You’ll get a feel for Monica’s personality and heart. She’s obviously very good at what she does, and she cares about her work.

Read that document.

Then, look at the tools: 

  • The Sales Conversion Tracker - It looks like a little bingo card, and is a way for you to track your sales conversions. The PDF explains the concept and tool really well, so you’ll have no problem using the tracker.

  • The Ask Tracker - This is another little bingo card where you’ll track your “asks.” I don’t want to give it all away; suffice it to say that Monica clearly explains how to use the Ask Tracker.

  • The Money-Making Marketing Calendar - I don’t know about you, but I’ve downloaded tons of marketing calendar templates. Monica’s calendar is nothing like anything I’ve seen. It’s actually useful!

I just had an idea — my “non offer” offer.

Wouldn't it be amazing for a group of us to come together to work through Monica’s tools for one month? See what kind of sales ruckus we can raise?

What do you think? Want to do it? 

If we follow Monica’s plan, we’ll end up with three clients or sales in 30 days.

We could create a Facebook group or just meet on Zoom maybe once a week for a month. 

If you’re up for this challenge, leave a comment.

After the giveaway closes, I’ll tally up the replies and send a message to those who express interest. Then we can decide how to work this challenge!

I’m excited!

Go get Monica’s gift from the giveaway:

>> https://www.scaleupandgrowgiveaway.com/Renae <<

And then let me know if you’re IN for the 30-Day Sales Breakthrough Challenge! (I just came up with that name right now!)

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