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Sometimes success takes … glacial persistence

By Renae Gregoire

Forget the "ain't nobody got time for that" meme

I had a Zoom meeting with my mastermind recently. 

(By the way, I highly recommend masterminding ... SO GOOD!)

We were talking about the progress we've been making in our online businesses. 

That's when one of the members mentioned something she'd heard from some online guru, something about how sometimes growth happens fast, with explosive force, and how, at other times, growth seems not be happen at all.

Sometimes, while we're down here grinding away in the thick of things, we can't even detect FORWARD MOTION, much less growth.

Be we keep on pressing on, fueled by the belief that we ARE moving forward sometimes just an inch at a time.

We are moving forward with Glacial Persistence. 

How's that for a metaphor?

I envision me and my business, inching along, digging out a trench as we go, causing the obstacles in my way to topple with a strange, stop-motion effect.

Lack of clarity?

Going, going, going, gone.

Lack of cash?

Going, going, going. Still going.

Lack of vision?

Going, going, going, gone.

Granted, it's taken me 16 years to get here. But that's because I've continued on this journey with Glacial Persistence.

How fast (or slow) do glaciers move anyway?

Thinking about the phrase got me to wondering just how slowly (or quickly) glaciers move.

View from NASA’s G-III aircraft as it flew over the eastern coast of Greenland at about 40,000 feet on March 26 with the GLISTIN-A instrument aboard.

View from NASA’s G-III aircraft as it flew over the eastern coast of Greenland at about 40,000 feet. From

According to, the fastest glaciers move approximately 100 feet per day. According to Wiki, the slowest glaciers creep along at less than two feet per YEAR.

To compare apples to apples:

  • The fastest glaciers move at = 365,000 feet per year.
  • The slowest glaciers move at = 2 feet per year.

That's slow.

And that's the kind of dedication and persistence we need as business owners.

Even if things aren't happen as quickly as we'd like, we keep moving, if only by a quarter of an inch each day.

I'm in it to win it, so Glacial Persistence is now part of my vocabulary.

How about you?

P.S. During my research, I ran across an organization called the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Who knew?

I also ran across this image of someone standing inside a glacial ice cave.

Navigable ice cave at the Erebus glacier ice tongue

Navigable ice cave at the Erebus glacier ice tongue, from

Mind ... Blown!

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