Content, Copy, Influence & Conversions: Ways to Work with a Copywriter

Content, Copy, Influence & Conversions: Ways to Work with a Copywriter

By Renae Gregoire

How I can help you create content that gets your big ideas out into the world, selling and influencing for you...  

I spoke with the founder of a consultancy the other day. 

She told me that, although she and her partners were decent writers, they didn't always have time for writing. They needed help with ALL. THE. CONTENT. THINGS. required to run a business. And she was on the call wanting to know what I offered.

As I rolled through the options, I thought—Ah! Maybe others are wondering the same thing, too.

That seed blossomed into this blog post, where you can learn how I can help you.

  1. Conversion Ready Content program (brand new)
  2. Mentorship
  3. Content and Copy Critique
  4. Writing Accountability
  5. Done For You
  6. Done With You 
  7. Retainers
  8. Per project

I'll tell you about each of those options, just as I told my prospective client.

1. Conversion Ready Content program

Conversion Ready Content is for you if you're a smart, articulate CEO, founder, or other entrepreneurial expert, and you need help finishing your content to move your big vision and big sales forward.

Maybe you're writing a thought-leadership article for one of your industry's leading trade publications.

Or maybe you're writing an ebook, email sequence, or investor pitch meant to persuade and lead to action.

You could be working on a book chapter, blog post, or, for that big win, a letter of intent.

Or it could be web content, a sales proposal, a lead magnet, or landing page.

Whatever it is, you need it done, done well, and done soon. 

Your reputation is on the line. Whatever you put out there has to be good. And it has to lead people to action.

Details about this program, with a single-session, one-month, three-month, and six-month option, will be available by April 19, 2021.

If you want more information the moment it's available, email me - renae at ineedcopy dot com.  

2. Mentorship

Mentorship is me taking you under my wing and teaching you everything I know about writing for influence and conversion.

We'll cover writing, editing, grammar, usability, flow, conversions, and more.

This one-on-one service includes quarterly strategy and/or Q&A calls, plus my eyes on a certain number of pieces each month.

One of my mentorship clients sends me a blog post each month. I edit, but I don’t just make the changes; I explain WHY I make the changes so my client can become a better writer and eventually take off the water wings and swim by herself.

My mentorship packages run 3-months, 6-months, and 12-months.

3. Content and Copy Critique

Critique is where I give you detailed feedback and recommendations on a specific piece or set of content.

It might be a full funnel critique, from ad to landing page to lead magnet to offer. It might be a sales page critique, or a website critique, or an email nurture critique.

You send me your content, and I'll tell you how to make it sing and convert. (If you want me to do the work and make it sing for you, you might be looking at one of the other services.) 

4. Writing Accountability 

The closest service I offer that gives you accountability is a membership in my Content and Copy Club. 

For one monthly fee, you get access to a twice-monthly group call where I edit member-submitted copy submissions, live, during the session. 

Members submit all sorts of copy — landing pages, emails, web content, lead magnets.

Sometimes, we talk strategy. Other times, we talk about grammar. It depends on what members submit.

The reason why I talk about this service in terms of “accountability” is because you’ll feel the force of accountability if a call is coming up and you want to hurry up and submit copy for it!

The Content and Copy Club is an easy, affordable way to get my eyes on your copy.

It's an intimate group open by invitation only. I don't advertise it so we can keep it tight and small, which means everyone gets some "me time."

(Want an invitation?  Email me or schedule a Content ChatLet's talk to see if you're a good fit.)

5. Done For You

Done-for-you (DFY) copywriting is the highest level of service I offer. It’s where you hire me to write for you, work that always involves my three-step SAY YES process:

  • Step 1: Research and discovery
  • Step 2: Writing, wireframing, and editing
  • Step 3: Testing and validation

If your project is large, there may also be a preliminary roadmapping step, which allows us to spend a little more time on planning.

If you have more money than time, DFY may be the option for you.

One other thing to note—despite what lots of other writers might advertise, I cannot mimic you in writing. My voice is what attracts people to me. It's my strength. And it can be your strength, too, for a price.

6. Done With You

Done-with-you (DWY) writing and content creation is one of my favorite ways to create content and copy. 

"Who does the writing?" you ask.

"We do!" I reply.

Done-with-you work is a collaborative and iterative process, with us working together, back and forth. 

First we lay out the strategy, goals, and guardrails.

Then we create.

I might outline and ask you to write. Or I might write and ask you to edit.  

For instance, while preparing for the project or during the strategy session, I might open a Google doc and write: "In this introductory paragraph, say this, that, and the other, and then end with a bulleted list: A, B, C."

Some people prefer to start out on their own, writing a sloppy draft—sloppy copy!—and leaving it to me to do the finessing and fine-tuning, turning the text into an enjoyable, readable piece of content.

Of course, along the way, I'm teaching you the wisdom and knowledge I've gleaned during the last 20 years as a copywriter and content marketer. 

Before we decide to work together, I’ll scope out the project and lay out how I envision it happening.

People choosing DWY services use my Day Rate, which allows us to work together for a single day. 

The cadence of a DWY day typically flows something like this:

What we'll do

What may be involved

Hour 1

Zoom call to get us started

Strategy, roadmapping, voice-and-tone check, the day's plan

Hours 2 - 3

Independent work
(off of Zoom)

Outlining, writing, editing; if you're doing work, too, I'll give you all the guidance you need

Hour 4

Lunch and post-lunch Zoom check-in

30-minute lunch (eating, drinking, stretching, checking email) and 30-minute Zoom check-in

Hours 5 - 6

Independent work and final Zoom check-in

Keep the momentum going, and then check-in at the end

7. Retainers

A retainer might be a good option for you if you have lots of work to do over a three-month period—three months is the lowest retainer term.

Marketing teams often use retainers, as do small business owners starting a content marketing strategy, launching a course, or developing and implementing a blogging and email marketing strategy.

I offer four different retainer options.

Without giving away the secret—my hourly rate!—here's what those options look like.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

# hours per month

10 hours

20 hours

30 hours

40 hours

Hourly retainer rate 

Standard rate less some $

Standard rate less more $

Standard rate less more $$

Standard rate less more $$$

Monthly rate

Retainer rate x 10 hours

Retainer rate x 20 hours

Retainer rate x 30 hours

Retainer rate x 40 hours

Quarterly fee for 3-month commitment

Retainer rate x 10 x 3

Retainer rate x 20 x 3

Retainer rate x 30 x 3

Retainer rate x 40 x 3

(Psst! Rates are not exactly secret; all in-demand writers and editors in the thought-leadership and conversion space charge fees in the same range.)

Clients pay for retainer packages in advance. Yes, in advance meaning for the full three months. That's my policy because I'm committing to you, and you to me. I won't book more retainer clients or one-off projects than my schedule allows, so our mutual commitment means I'll turn down work for others if I'm working with you and lack capacity.

Opportunity cost, you see.

Retainer clients can consume hours in 10-hours increments, although I'm happy to work more than 10 hours a week if my schedule allows.

Hours for the month do not roll over. So you can't book me for a three-month retainer and save all the hours for months two and three.

Finally, if you need to use more hours than the retainer allows, I simply bill for those hours at the end of the month at the rate for your retainer option.

8. Per Project

If you need me for a single project, or if you prefer to hire project by project, then our work together will be Per Project.

We'll lay out the scope, and I'll give you a quote. That's all there is to it.

This is good for you if you need me to edit your web content, or a book chapter, or if you want something smaller than what falls under my Day Rate. 

I tend not to do a lot of per-project work simply because my schedule tends to stay full, and I keep a waiting list. But don't hesitate to check in to see if I have a gap in my schedule. You'll never know unless you ask!  

I hope this post has scratched your itch... that it's been informative. If you'd like to chat about any of these options for working together, please get in touch


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Hi! I'm Renae Gregoire, a digital conversion expert improving the performance of digital marketing content, including websites, landing pages, sales pages, online courses, blogs, and email sequences. If you're a coach, consultant, or other expert having trouble getting people to click, sign up, subscribe, or buy, I can help. My work typically involves a blend of strategy, design guidance, and wordsmithing, with a heavy focus on how your materials look, sound, feel, and function—all from your reader's perspective. Contact me to see how I might be able to help improve your conversions.