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How to blow a sale #1,324,295

By Renae Gregoire

Yesterday, something happened that took me aback. 

Like ... I literally sat at my desk for several minutes, looking up and down, and back and forth, between the air above my head in the room in front of me and a text I received through Messenger.

Before I show you ... a little backstory.

I had been stressing about changes my coach proposed for our mastermind. 

Because I was just about the only one stressing (one other gal messaged me privately to say she shared my concern), I urged the group to move along and forget about my objection.

It obviously had something to do me with, not with the proposed changes.

That's when another person, a member of the same mastermind, messaged me to offer a free tapping session to help me clear whatever was causing the stress.

I've heard of tapping, but had never done it.

So I said, yes. I was glad for the offer.  

Then we started the back and forth with the schedule. You know what I mean. 

FIRST PARTY: When do you want to do it?
SECOND PARTY: I don't know ... when do you want to do it?
FIRST PARTY: You tell me ... when do YOU want to do it?

And so on.

And I got super busy with client work.

So I wrote to ask for a raincheck.

I'm the person speaking in the blue bubbles.

How to lose a sale

Wow. Ouch.

Did you feel that as well?

Despite the smiley face and "no harm," the response was harsh.

Needlessly so.

Yeah, it took me some time to get back to her. But when I did, I was truly interested in rescheduling.

But she blew me off.

"I don't think you understand the value."


No kidding.

I told you I've heard of tapping but haven't done it.

You're right in that I didn't (and don't) understand the value.

I'm also right in a few more things:

  • Our jobs as entrepreneurs and marketers is to HELP people understand the value of what we do; when people don't get the value, YOU have more 'splainin to do
  • In our group, you've shared your angst about not making strides in your business; perhaps your attitude towards prospects -- people who don't understand the value of what you do -- has something to do with it?
  • You've completely turned me off from anything and everything you're doing; I had been a fan, cheering you on and supporting you in your group, but, right now, I don't feel right about doing that anymore (maybe later)
  • I can't possibly feel good about spending my social currency by recommending you because ... if you've treated me, a member of your mastermind and a vocal supporter, this way ... I can only imagine how you'd treat people once or twice removed
  • Can you get a scheduler, please?!? How much easier things would be if you could just give me a link to see when you're available. 

I toyed with the idea of responding to the message with any one of those bullet points. But I couldn't do it.

I had to let it lie.

That negative energy was volleyed to me. I caught it, and played with it for probably too long.

Then I volleyed it to my husband, my loyal listener and number one fan, and I volleyed it again, just now, to you.

You can volley it back my way, if you must.

But when I press publish, I hereby release that harsh energy forever, and replace it with a sense of love towards one who needs softness in selling. 


BTW  It's interesting that the term softness came up just now; a while back I wrote about another incident where another someone needed softness as well.  

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