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How to create your own card deck

By Renae Gregoire

How I created a (soon-to-be-bestselling) card deck...    

You've probably heard me talking about my card deck—The Blog Post Inspiration Deck—for a while now.

I created it thanks to my mentor, Marcy Nelson-Garrison, who runs a free 5-day "Stand Out Card Deck" challenge and follow-on Card Deck Master Class program, which she opens once a year. 

I thought I'd share my journey with you, so you can see if creating a card deck is something you'd like to do.

The card deck idea

I think the card deck idea first took hold in me when I purchased my first deck, the beautiful deck called SHINE, by Julie Santiago.

The card deck that started my card deck love affair

The cards are large and beautiful and square, and the font is delightful, the box is amazing. I fell in love! And I knew then that I wanted to create a card deck.

The idea sat in my mind and then BAM, along came a one-month program designed to help me brainstorm and then create a "passion project." It hit me so strongly -- YES! A passion project! That's what my card deck was. And IS.

So when I joined that month-long program, I already knew that my passion project would be a card deck!

I shared my idea with the women in the group, and everyone loved it!

However, the idea quickly fizzled because I ran into questions the program leader couldn't answer, questions about using other people's quotes, printing... basic stuff, I realize now.

Sadly, I closed the card deck "folder," so to speak, but the idea was still close to my heart.

Then, lo and behold, I somehow ran into information about Marcy and her Card Deck Master Class program, which now follows her free, 5-day Facebook challenge, "Your Stand Out Card Deck." 

The Card Deck Master Class

I was like, "WHAT?!? A whole program specifically focused on creating a card deck?!? Someone, please take my money!"

LoL. It didn't actually happen that fast. I corresponded with Marcy a bit by email because I was worried about having to miss some of the class sessions. But she assured me that they'd be recorded.

I think I had a few other objections, but they were weak, because... well... CARD DECK CLASS!

I signed up for the Card Deck Master Class program in September, 2017.

It took me until April, 2018, and then look... CARD DECK!

The Blog Post Inspiration Deck and me

But I didn't start out wanting to create The Blog Post Inspiration Deck.

In fact, I wanted to create a deck around the unique process I go through when preparing to write marketing content for clients.

My journey to The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

This is what the process looked like.

I brainstormed.

I brought my ideas to Marcy and the group.

I brainstormed some more.

I worked through the course modules.

I attended bi-weekly mentor calls with my classmates and Marcy on Zoom.

I attended bi-weekly "studio sessions," where we met to work on our card decks.

I created spreadsheets.

I worked through more modules.

I masterminded.

I brainstormed some more.

Frankly, I was having a super hard time trying to mash my concept into the form of a card deck.

I was starting to think I'd made a mistake... that I wouldn't be able to do it.

The reward of giving yourself fully to the creative process

And then, suddenly, one day during a two-hour studio session, I was messing around with one of my spreadsheets and an idea suddenly burbled up inside me.

I thought, "Huh."

And I began to type.

Within ONE HOUR, I had a card deck with three suits of 20 cards each, most of which remain in the final version of the deck I ultimately printed. 

It was like magic.

And I believe it happened because I gave myself the creative time and space and noodling permission required to be open to what the Universe was asking of me.

It wasn't a deck about my process (although I'm still dreaming of that one).

The idea was, initially, for The Blog Post Idea Generator!

With Marcy's guidance in the class, I hired a designer or two, but wasn't having any luck with the concepts they were coming up with.

Here are a few of the early iterations.

Early versions of The Blog Post Inspiration Deck

Maybe you can see the beginnings of the deck I wound up with in the images in the third column. At least I liked the colors. 

But I wasn't so hot on the design.

Then I remembered a series of graphic images I had created last year, and am now offering for free as a 30-day email series called The Power of CHOOSE. It's just powerful quotes on our choices dressed up in colorful attire.

Here's one example:

30 Days of CHOOSE

Does that circle look familiar?

Take a look at the back of my cards.

The Blog Post Inspiration Deck card backs

The CHOOSE series is where I got the inspiration for the circle for the back of my card deck cards!

(By the way, you can still sign up for that CHOOSE series; it's totally free!)

After finalizing the design, next came the task of choosing a printer, deciding on what kind of packaging and insert I wanted, and how many decks to print.

The experience has been so amazing! I am so happy that Marcy's Card Deck Master Class program found me, and I am thrilled to talk about my experiences!

If you're interested, I suggest you sign up for her 5-day "Your Stand Out Card Deck" challenge when she next runs it. It's free, and will give you a chance to play with the idea of creating a card deck for yourself!

Let me know if you have any questions; I'm always happy to talk about my experiences—with the deck, and with the Card Deck Master Class!


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