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Growing a business online can be exciting, scary, lonely, frustrating, thrilling. And it can be all of those things, all at once. That's why it's so important to take a Moment to pause, to think. For instance, right now ... can you take a moment with me to think about those "can be" words?

Exciting! Opportunity is everywhere! The possibilities are so exciting! Scary. What if I can't do this? What if I do it wrong? I'm scared. Lonely. Even though I'm online with billions of people, I'm still lonely, all by myself, in my home office. Frustrating. All the tech! All the work! So frustrated! Can this be easier? Thrilling! People are downloading, clicking, subscribing, buying! I'm thrilled! What I'm doing matters! 

Can you feel the difference a Moment brings? That's what you'll get from Inbox Moments. Each week, receive a new issue filled with Moments of goodness, ideas, inspiration, and guidance for every aspect of your online business, all from veteran online writer and editor, Renae Gregoire.


Hi there. I'm Renae Gregoire. Pleased to "meet" you!

My goal for Inbox Moments -- besides helping you rock your online business -- is to bring you the same sense of childlike delight I used to feel when mom hollered, "Mail's here!"

Back then, I wrote to penpals from all over the world—Sweden, France, Germany, the former U.S.S.R., Peru, Australia, Malawi, Japan! So many places, so many faces, so many wonderful exchanges! My pals and I swapped letters, stamps, paper money, postcards, and souvenirs like keychains and stickers. In our letters, we spoke of our daily lives, our favorite foods, our families, and our cultures. Even today, I still look forward to the mail, both snail mail AND email.

I'd love for you to look forward to your Inbox Moments with me in the same way, expecting each issue to be another fount of inspiration, ideas, and delight after delight.

See you on the inside,

Renae  :) 

Pull up a chair. Let's sit for a Moment.

Imagine that I invited you to my home for an afternoon chat. We'd get to talking, and then you'd ask me a question--something about your business. I'd smile and nod with recognition, saying "YES! Come on back to my office!" There, I'd show you my metaphorical file cabinets, overflowing with pieces of paper, sticky notes, printouts, and images--everything I've learned about running an online business since I began, back in 2002.

You'd find information about:

  • Lead magnets -- types of lead magnets, how to create them, what tools to use, layout, calls to action, images
  • Giveaways -- how to find them, how to participate in giveaways, how to win prizes​
  • Online programs -- types of programs, structures, what to include, how to deliver them, videos, slide decks, pricing
  • Tools -- what I'm using, what I stopped using and why, what tools I recommend, types of tools--calendars, landing pages, DIY graphics, photo editors, video hosting, image courses, social media, CRMs, EMSes and what all the abbreviations and acronyms mean
  • Blogging -- All. The. Things. (I'm an expert on blogging for clients)
  • Websites -- All. The. Things. (I don't create them, but websites are another area of my expertise)
  • Writing! So much writing information! -- tools, advice, how, where, when, what to do, what not to do
  • Journaling and creativity -- two of my favorite pastimes
  • Freelancing -- All. The. Things. (I hung my online shingle as a freelancer way back when, in 2002)
  • Mindset -- including the humps I've run into and overcome
  • Clients -- how to attract them, how to repel them, how to propose to them, how to manage them
  • Content marketing -- strategy and action steps for professionals and small business owners
  • Your home-office vibe -- equipment, tools, supplies, and things that make your home office "homey"

That's some of what I'd love to share with you inside Inbox Moments.

Get the goods inside each weekly issue

Writing prompts

When your brain isn't firing, pull out your latest issue of Inbox Moments and see what sparks begin to fly.

Halls of Fame / Shame

I collect the good and the bad from around the web. As you're creating your content, copy the best and avoid the rest.


Templates I come across, templates I create--when I find something that will help your business, I'll share with you.

Reader-submitted Q&As

Submit your questions to be answered in an upcoming issue of Inbox Moments.

Challenges and action steps

I'll challenge you to have the best, do the best, be the best. Expect challenges and action steps to help you reach the stars.

Tips, tactics, techniques

Mindset, productivity, writing, persuading, selling, marketing. Get a steady supply of things that make your business GO.

Content ideas

Tap my 20+ years of experience in perusing and creating content. So many ideas! And I can't wait to share them!


Tools, blog posts, publications, websites, apps, stuff for your office, resources--my finds are your finds

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Always glad to see her name pop up in my inbox

I greatly enjoy being subscribed to Renae's blogs. They're always inspiring, well-written, and are a great model for me of how to engage with your audience. Having been following her for a few years, I am always glad to see her name pop up in my inbox.

Sandra gelinas  //  Founder, Akashic Focus

Your questions make me stop and think

You ask questions that make me stop and think about how I'm showing up in my own business. You create a safe space for exploration and conversations about the questions you spark off. 

Mary Duggan  //  Founder, Cockleshell Creative Coaching


Well goll darn it Renae Rost Gregoire - You're INSPIRING! I published on Medium just to give it a whirl.

Jo Ann Wenner  //  Founder, Prism Transformational Coaching & Consulting

Get help for your copy and content, too

Look, fact is ... I'm a writer. An editor. A first reader. A marketer. That's what I do for a living. But if you're a coach, consultant, or other professional, then it's a good bet that you're constantly butting up against the "what do I write" and "how do I write it" walls.

There's your website. What to say? Where? There's also your blog. What to publish? How often? How about those lead magnets--ebooks, checklists, templates, videos? And don't forget the emails. All. Those. Emails. And, of course, all of this creating happens in between all of your client work!

Writing copy and content is not for the lazy. It is, however, for the self-employed. That means me! That means you! You're the person I created Inbox Moments for. 

Each week, receive a new issue filled with Moments related to writing, as well. I'm talking grammar, punctuation, sentences, organization, flow, persuasion, education--all the things you need to write beautiful, persuasive copy that builds confidence, creates connection, and grows trust.

And you know what happens when you create that environment? You lead more people to say YES to your offers!

What my readers and friends are saying

Someone on my list joined my year-long journey!

Yipee! Thanks to this group, I am more intentional about my writing and someone who has been on my list for a long time joined my year-long journey BECAUSE of the Beltane article I sent Monday! Thank you, Renae...!

Rozlyn Warren  //  Transformational Healer, Sacred Life Mastery

More interesting, simple, and to the point

I've never been someone who enjoys writing. In fact, it's always been a "chore" for me. But Renae is showing me ways to make my writing more interesting, simple, and to the point. I like that!

Marion Gellatly  //  Image & Style Consultant, Powerful Presence

Feeling more confidence!

The valuable tips Renae shares are personal to my business and results-driven; I can hear her voice later while writing content. My writing has improved and I am feeling more confidence!

JANICE HURLBURT  //  Acuity Certified Expert and Strategist

More than "information" ... inspiration!

I'm not just a treasure trove of information. I'm also a student (and source) of inspiration. One of the things I've always loved about working with clients is being able to SEE opportunities for them to clear off the dust that clouds their brilliance, or to serve better, work better, write better, BE-DO-HAVE better. You'll get a heavy sprinkling of inspiration as well. 

  1. 1
    Inspirational quotes. I get so much joy when someone expresses a thought or feeling I've had in a new way, or even when they express something I've known but not yet articulated. And the beautiful thing about joy is that joy grows when you share it! I will share inspirational joys with you as well. 
  2. 2
    Mindset stuff. Mindset is the beginning of everything. In the beginning was the Word, the Thought, the Mind; that's where we begin as well. As I make my way across the web, learning, searching, finding, I'll note the very best of the best and share those finds with you in upcoming issues of Inbox Moments. 
  3. 3
    Soulful, heartfelt, spirit stuff. In terms of being "new to woo," I'm in my teens--still young enough to learn, and hungry enough to want to! I'm an old pro, though, when it comes to matters of the spirit and matters of the heart. Discover words from THIS spirit, words designed to nourish your soul and fill your heart

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Renae Gregoire

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