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Know, like, trust Part 2: Add the LIKE factor to your content

By Renae Gregoire

This post is Part 2 of a three-part series on infusing the know, like, trust factor into your website and content. If you haven't read it yet, find Part 1 on KNOWING here.

Part 2: LIKE

To like you, your prospect must connect with you. 

What does it mean to like someone? 

I'm not talking “like like,” as in have a “crush on” or “romantic interest in.”

I'm talking “like” as in liking a friend, a mentor, or a colleague.

know like trust with your colleagues

Why might you like someone in that non-romantic way?

  • You feel good when you’re around them.
  • They inspire you, or make you see things in a new light.
  • Their values and opinions match yours.
  • You like their sense of humor or style.
  • You enjoy the same things, whether music, sports, hobbies, or mustaches.
I know like and trust you because of your stache

Examples of companies that get "liking" right

Two caveats before we get to the examples:

1. I realize that "liking" is subjective; what turns me on might turn you off.  If you don't like my examples, then stretch your mind a bit and think of companies or brands YOU really like. Then ask yourself, "Why?" 

2. There are a lot of brands and companies in the world. To find the few I'm sharing here, I turned away from the Internet and asked myself, "What brands do I really like?" The brands that first came to mind made it to my roster of examples.

Example 1: My Modern Met is an online destination for people interested in beautiful, thought-provoking, and enlightening things. The website acts as a curator, bringing to light works and ideas representative of what its staff considers "the best sides of humanity."

I like Modern Met because the content it provide makes me feels good, inspires me, and lets me dream big about my own ideas. It pulls me in, mentally, visually, emotionally. 

Consider the following image. I look at it, and think, "I want a bookcase like that!" I see the cat, and the word "cats" in the title. I, too, love cats. I also love books, and bright colors. Everything about this content inspires me and draws me in. It matches the story about myself that plays in my head: "Renae is smart; she loves to read. She's creative, loving bold colors and unique designs. She has a big heart, which she opens wide to her pets."

What stories do your readers carry in their heads? And how can your brand play a supporting role in that story?

what makes someone like your brand
Example 2: Big Ass Fans

Here's a tidbit about me: I hate the heat. Despite it. Heat makes me cranky, angry even. So while it might not make sense that I lived in Florida for 20-plus years, it does make sense that I now live in the mountains of North Carolina. 

I discovered Big Ass Fans while searching for a fan big enough to cool the gym where my husband and I worked out at the time. The workout room was at least 10 degrees too hot. When the owner (finally!) brought in a fan, I was happy--until I realized, rather quickly, that the fan wasn't big or strong enough. I waited impatiently for the slight breeze as the fan pointed in my direction while rotating.

After suffering through too many overly hot workouts, I searched online, and came across Big Ass Fans. I fell in love right away by the bold use of the word "ass" in the company's name, playing right into the story in my head of "Renae the rebel."

The other obvious reason for loving the brand is, of course, the product: the big ass fan, which I needed in my life to tackle my big-ass aversion to heat, both at the gym and at home.

Big Ass Fans - how to get your audience to like your brand
Example 3: Velocity

Velocity is a B2B content marketing agency out of London. I first discovered them when they promoted an ebook called the B2B Marketing Manifesto. That ebook broke the rules of ebook design, moving away from walls of text on a page to a few words on a page. It spoke in simple terms rather than jargon. It used large, bold images to get a point across.

Like this:

Examples of companies that get "like"

And this:

Getting at the like in know, like, and trust

And this:

Getting at the like in know, like, and trust

Yes, Velocity uses a few cuss words. Yes, they speak to the rebellious spirit in me. And that's exactly why I like the brand. I feel a connection with them. I aspire to be like them. I like the things they think, say, and share.

And, by the way, I still pass along the B2B Marketing Manifesto ebook to anyone who asks me about ebooks, as I believe we're in need of more content presented in similar ways.

Your turn: how to lead people to like you through your content

Now, how to translate that information into content that boosts your “like” factor?

How about:

  • Creating content that inspires people, and makes them feel good -- aspirational content.
  • Keeping in mind that even if you’re selling to businesses, people are reading your website and content. Speak to those people using the word “you.” It’s far more personal and increases a sense of connection. (Do you get a sense that I'm talking to you? I hope so!)
  • Providing real value in your content and on your site instead of just a sales spiel -- give apps, checklists, best practice guides, research results, how-tos ... the list goes on.
  • Showing your personality and style; if your company needs the like factor, how about giving the reader a sense of the company culture? Is your ideal client a risk taker, or does she shy away from risk? Reach her by tapping into the story in her head.
  • Showing that you care about more than a sale by posting content around your good works, charities, and concerns.

In my mind, liking comes down to being open and honest, to being who you are, and to sharing common interests ... such as ... the success of the people you serve! (Both you and your prospect care about that, right?)

Just be open about your insights and talents and how you can use them to serve (not sell). 


Like this article? Be sure to read Part 1, on KNOWING, and Part 3, on TRUSTING.

And if you need help infusing know, like, and trust into YOUR content, please get in touch.

P.S. This is post #28 in my 30 Day Blogging Challenge! 

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