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Dance with prospects through your marketing content

By Renae Gregoire

Abundance. What a beautiful. luxurious word.  

Even the way it sounds feels abundant.  

Ah ... bun ... dance.  

There is a dance there; do you see it?  

Abundance is a dance between the world and its inhabitants.  

It's also a dance between you and your prospects.  

And because your marketing content represents you on the web, you can say that abundance is a dance between your marketing content and your prospects.  

Here's how the dance plays out

A prospect, someone who needs what you offer, sees a post you shared on your Facebook business page.

That post is a piece of your marketing content.

It offers a hand, saying, "Why hello there; I see you're in need. May I have this dance?"

A man and woman dancing the Zamacueca, by Francisco (Pancho) Fierro

Your prospect is enchanted, if not also wary. She's seen your type before: attractive and suave, luring passersby with promises.

Still, she accepts your offered hand, and the dance begins.

"I'm grateful for this opportunity," your content says.

"I have a story I'd like to share with you, a story that may give you a new perspective and potential solutions to the problem that is holding back your abundant energy.

However, it's quite noisy here, in this world of Facebook. Would you like to step over to my blog, so I can share this perspective-shifting story with you there?"

Your prospect considers; she's heard this story before.

But still... your content really is quite appealing. It's pleasing to the eye and ear, and it makes her feel a small lift in spirit.

Perhaps this lift of spirit is a sign?

She agrees to continue the dance on your blog.

She wants to hear the story.

Still holding her hand, your content whisks her from the loud world of Facebook onto the quiet world of your blog.

The Dancing Girl, by Katsukawa Shun'ei 勝川春英

You sway with your prospect softly, as she orients herself to the page.

She sees a lovely featured image that itself tells a story, reflecting back to her the abundance and beauty and life and business she aspires to.

Looking into the post itself, she sees a well-lit path of headings and subheadings, of bulleted lists, interesting photos, and annotated graphics.

Your blog post! It appears beautiful!

She has not yet begun to hear the story you content will tell, but already the spirit of the story is pulling her in.

 She looks up into the eyes of your marketing content, her eyes shining, its eyes shining, and the reading begins.

The two—your prospect and your marketing content, a blog post in this case—dance effortlessly down the page.

She loves the story your content tells, the story of another prospect just like her, struggling with similar issues.

That prospect also accepted the dance and discovered, towards the end of the page, the beauty of an invitation to meet the content's partner, which is you.

A Dance Party: Enjoying Cherry Blossom Viewing at Ueno, by Yōshū (Hashimoto) Chikanobu

Suddenly, this new prospect wants the same invitation. She wants the abundance of your presence, and the abundance of the solution she learned about through your story.  

Your marketing content, your blog post, is pleased to have done its job. 

It guides your prospect to your invitation, and gently releases her into your hands.

"All that you're feeling, the hope and excitement and anticipation, is warranted," your hard work says.

"My partner will take great care of you. She will shower you with her abundance, so that you may take that abundance with you into your business and life."

"I believe," says your prospect, as she enters her name and email address into your form.

"I believe, and I can't wait for the next step."

She clicks the button, and waits for the next dance—the real dance with you!—to begin.

Bugaku Imperial Court Dance


I confess that I'm feeling a little bit silly having written this blog post.

But I trust that it was given to me by Abundance herself as a way to show you how your marketing content is, or can be, a field of Abundance, waiting to share your stories, waiting to guide prospects to you.

May it be so for you as has been for me.

And, while I have your ear, I, too, would like to invite you to a closer dance.

If you're a CEO, founder, or entrepreneurial expert wanting to get your big, bold ideas out of your head, and into the world, selling and influencing for you, please get in touch.

I'm specifically looking for one or two such people who want to work closely together over the course of three to six months.  

We can work on marketing content. Blog posts. Trade articles. Ebooks. Landing pages. Email sequences. Whatever you need to get through.

I can even help you figure out what content to create in the first place, if that's what you need as well.

Thanks for reading, and for dancing with me here, to the end.


P.S. In case you're wondering, the amazing images in this post come from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's public domain artworks collection at Creative Commons. When you search, select the "Metropolitan Museum of Art" as your filter. 


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