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Does your marketing content fulfill buyer hopes?

By Renae Gregoire

Does your marketing content fulfill buyer hopes?

Does your marketing content fulfill buyer hopes?

Or does it give your buyers paper cuts?

Does your content give readers papercuts?

Imagine your ideal customer, a prospect who’d be PERFECT for you, reviewing a piece of your content.

It doesn’t matter what content. 

Maybe they're sitting on a landing page to download a white paper or reading your latest email, newsletter, or blog post.

When a reader does these things—when they visit, download, and read—they do so for a reason: Because they have HOPE ????

HOPE is every reader's starting point. 

They come to your content FILLED with hope.

  • They hope to get useful nuggets.
  • They hope to understand, in a deeper way, whatever topic your content covers.
  • They hope to be inspired, to be motivated, to see themselves reaching new heights.

And they hope to do so without:

  • Trudging through walls of text.
  • Struggling through bloated paragraphs thick with jargon.
  • Feeling the frustration of yet another ebook, email, or blog post hurriedly written and then shoved out the door without empathy for them in mind.

I click, download, open, and read because I have hope, too.

But in far too many cases, my hope turns out to be empty. 

In far too many cases, I get content that make me feel like this:

Sherlock looking at a piece of marketing content on a laptop. He's thinking, "Dear God... What is that?!?"

Is this what readers think while reading your marketing content? I can help.

Why do I feel that way? Because the content is filled with errors, stumbles, and gaffes that give me painful paper cuts!

What do I mean by paper cuts?

I'll talk more about them—and why they're so painful to buyers—in my next post.

Stay tuned!


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Hi! I'm Renae Gregoire, a digital conversion expert improving the performance of digital marketing content, including websites, landing pages, sales pages, online courses, blogs, and email sequences. If you're a coach, consultant, or other expert having trouble getting people to click, sign up, subscribe, or buy, I can help. My work typically involves a blend of strategy, design guidance, and wordsmithing, with a heavy focus on how your materials look, sound, feel, and function—all from your reader's perspective. Contact me to see how I might be able to help improve your conversions.