When it comes to your blog, do you really need more head knowledge?

Or do you need help getting stuff done?

You've taken blogging courses, perhaps even mine. You've read ebooks. You've looked at frameworks. You know blogging is good for your business.

You have all the head knowledge.

But -- and I get it -- although you know WHAT to do, you're still not sure HOW to do it. You're still not sure how to put what's in your head  into action so you can FINALLY get your blog rolling.

The answer isn't another course, ebook, or framework. The answer is SUPPORT.


Enter the "Rapid Results Blog Intensive,"
a 13-week program to create a killer blog. 
You and me. 13 weeks. Brilliant blog content.

Imagine if you could work with me personally over 13 weeks.

We'll sit down virtually over a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage to talk about your business. We'll talk about your products and services, your ideal customers, your competitors, what your competitors are blogging about, what your ideal customers are looking for, what keywords make the most sense for you to focus on. 

From there, we'll develop a list of content crucial to growing your business with your blog. Specifically, we'll nail down the ideas for two cornerstone blog posts (2,000+ words each), and another six normal-sized blog posts (500-1,500 words)--three that point to your first cornerstone blog post, three that point to your second cornerstone blog post.

Don't freak out! It's a lot of content, but I'm here to help create it every step of the way.

Next, we'll develop an outline for each of those blog posts, one at a time. First, we'll tackle the outline for your first 2,000+ word blog post. I'll guide you on what to say in each section, where to use graphics, where to use images and what kind of images, where to use pull-quotes, bulleted lists, where to include the call-to-action, and other blog post techniques.

It'll be an amazing blog post, one that positions you as an expert and authority in your field!

Then you'll go on your way to write the post we outlined. And get this! You won't have to worry about creating a "perfectly written" post, because you know that I'll be coming in behind you to edit. You know that I'll be taking over to make your post shiny and ready for publication.

Then you'll check this off your list: Cornerstone blog post #1 ... DONE.

We'll then repeat the process for the remaining seven blog posts. 

And by the time our work together is over, you'll have eight killer blog posts ready for publication. Two cornerstone blog posts. Six supporting blog posts.

You'll be so happy that you didn't have to spend time watching more modules, or completing assignments. You'll actually be DOING the work of blogging.

And, at the end, you'll be ready to BLOG ON on your own, with an editorial calendar we created while working together.

Imagine that!

Can you?

I can!

That's exactly what we'll do together over 13 weeks in the Rapid Results Blog Intensive.

Here's a summary version of what you get. 

Strategic kickoff

Plan your content, and then work your plan. Together we'll create a blog strategy designed to grow your business. 

Discovery insights

Uncover content gold and message clarity from a deep dive into your services, market, audience, and differentiation. 

Weekly 30-minute calls

Tweak strategy, ask questions, create outlines, write. You'll have 30 minutes with me each week for whatever you need.

Deep editing

Learn to make your content shine with developmental and substantive editing; understand the WHYs behind my changes.

Clear messaging

Get crystal clear on the benefits you offer and why people should choose you. When you're clear, your content is clear.


Together we'll create two pieces of publication-ready cornerstone content (2,000+ words each) and six pieces of supporting blog content. 

You know you have amazing gifts. I'll help you turn them into great blog content.

When I share the Rapid Results Blog Intensive with people, they inevitably ask, "Renae ... who does the writing?" My answer is ... WE DO! Our work together will be collaborative and iterative. 

First we'll look at strategy, which pieces to write. Next, market and messaging--what you should say, and how you should say it. I'll outline the blog posts we're working on to get things started, and then you'll dive in to add your brilliance. Next, I'll dig in and edit, filling holes, asking questions, challenging assumptions, smoothing rough edges, and polishing to a high shine. Then, one more time back to you, and one final time back to me. 

Your new content is now ready for your blog--and, soon after, readers!

Apply for the Rapid Results
Blog Intensive today!

If you're tired of struggling with your blog ... if you want to grow your writing confidence ... if you want to stop half-a$$ing it and FOR REAL get your blog off the ground ... then I invite you to apply for a spot in the 13-week Rapid Results Blog Intensive today. Because the program is so ... intensive ... and because I'm still doing regular work for my regular clients (I heart my clients!), I can only take on one or two bloggers each quarter. 

If you'd like to be one of those bloggers in an upcoming quarter, then ... 

What my customers are saying:

Someone on my list joined my year-long journey!

Yipee! Thanks to this group I am more intentional about my writing and someone who has been on my list for a long time joined my year-long journey BECAUSE of the Beltane article I sent Monday! Thank you, Renae...!

Rozlyn Warren  //  Mentor and Transformational Healer

I appreciate your words, feedback, and mentoring

Thank you, Renae!! Your work here is amazing and so generous. I truly appreciate your words, feedback, and mentoring.

Jo Ann Wenner  //  Transformational Coach and Consultant

Rapid Results Blog Intensive
A tentative 13-week schedule

During our 13 weeks together, we'll work on setting up your blog, defining your blogging strategy, identifying keywords, and creating an editorial calendar. We'll also write and edit, creating two pieces of cornerstone content (2,000+ words each) and six pieces of supporting content. Half of the supporting blog posts will lead back to the first piece of cornerstone content, the other half will lead to the second.

Here's what the 13 weeks will look like:

  • Week 1 : Kickoff call and strategy session
  • Week 2: Blog setup and keyword research
  • Week 3: Cornerstone content #1 outline and writing
  • Week 4: Cornerstone content #1 editing
  •  Week 5: Cornerstone content #2 outline and writing
  • Week 6: Cornerstone content #2 editing
  • Week 7: Blog post 1.1 writing and editing
  • Week 8: Blog post 1.2 writing and editing
  • Week 9: Blog post 1.3 writing and editing
  • Week 10: Blog post 2.1 writing and editing
  • Week 11: Blog post 2.2 writing and editing
  • Week 12: Blog post 2.3 writing and editing
  • Week 13: Editorial calendar

Become a better writer. 
Give your readers better experiences.

Are you someone who thinks, "I'm not a good writer"? If so, the Rapid Results Blog Intensive is PERFECT for you. As we work together, I'll deeply edit your content, explaining the WHYs behind changes so you can improve your craft, which in turn builds your confidence--and your readers' confidence in you. When you write better, with the reader in mind, you'll improve more than words. You'll improve readability, usability, and trust, all of which lead to better results. 

Renae Gregoire  //  The Entrepreneur's Editor

Hello! I'm Renae Gregoire, marketing writer, editor, blogger, and writing coach. I'm pleased that you're considering working with me through the Rapid Results Blog Intensive program. 

Here's what I'd like you to know about me:

  • I've been serving clients as writer/editor/blogger since 2002
  • I see possibilities--in people, in businesses, in content--and know how to give them life
  • I think visually and have an eye for design
  • I'm your readers' advocate; I'll push you to create easy, enjoyable content experiences for them
  • I collect postcards (ask about my postcard blog!)
  • I'm an INFJ who loves 70s music, color, and snow
  • I'd be delighted to work with you ... to bring forth your brilliance through your blog! 

Renae Gregoire

Join My Happy Customers

No, she didn't write this recommendation, but I would have had her do so!

Renae is simply fantastic at writing and editing. She takes extra steps to ensure that she grasps the facts and nuances of your business and message. She also puts structure around your thoughts and challenges you to improve your thinking, messaging, positioning, and overall marketing. No, she didn't write this recommendation, but I would have had her do so!

Marya Ulis  //  Chief Marketing Officer

Renae is a throwback to a time when craftspeople weren't satisfied until their work was done right.

Renae is a throwback to a time (that probably exists only in legend) when craftspeople weren't satisfied until their work was done right. She did absolutely everything I asked, and a great deal more, to ensure I was happy with the project. I expect top work but it was a very pleasant surprise to learn that Renae clearly cared about the success of my project.

J.D. Sallen  //  CEO

Talk about "beyond expectations!"

Renae, talk about "beyond expectations!" I can't thank you enough for your work on behalf of my consulting business. While your overall skill and professionalism are outstanding, there are two specific areas that truly stand out. First, your focused expertise in BOTH writing and marketing brings to the table great value for clients (like me) who need integrated support. Second, I am extremely impressed by your ability to get "inside" and understand a business with which you are initially unfamiliar. Not only do you succeed here, but your deep interest in learning about my new business really shined through. 

EMORY PETRACK  //  MD, President

3 important things you'll want to know

It's not easy to hand over a pile of money to a stranger on the Internet. Even if I'm not a stranger to you, you might still find it hard to decide to invest in yourself and your business in this particular way. Hey, I won't be offended if you prefer to take any one of ... what ... hundreds? ... of blogging courses out there on the Internet.

What I offer is three months of working closely together, with me acting as your partner and guide, helping you to plot a path for your prospects to follow, and then helping you create the blog content you need to get started--content that gives voice to the brilliance within you.

Now, for the three things you need to know:



You will have homework as we start our work together. The initial homework comes during the discovery process, which is when I consume your existing content, content from your competitors, content about your competitors, and any other content you think might be vital for me to get to know you, your business, and your readers. During my research, I'll create a list of questions, and ask you to provide answers as best you can. 



Cornerstone content = 2,000+ words. During our work together, we'll create two pieces of cornerstone content, and six pieces of supporting content--three pieces to point back to each piece of cornerstone content. The smaller pieces will range between 500 and 1,500 words.



Sorry, payment plans are not available. Although I do understand cash flow woes, I'm not able to take payment plans for this service.

The Best Time to Create  Blog Content is NOW.

Your ideal prospects are out there on the web, searching for exactly what you have to offer. But they'll never know what it is you offer ... you'll never connect with them ... you'll never attract them ... if you lack the content that does those things for you. Now is the time. Invest in your success with the Rapid Results Blog Intensive today. 

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