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Get on the proof train and rock your biz — fo’ shizzle!

By Renae Gregoire

A new breed of business owner wants to help you rock your biz--so you can rock your world.

It's the mom-preneur, dad-preneur, wantra-preneur, solo-preneur, heart-centered-preneur, healer-preneur, wellness-preneur, and other-preneur. The gurus, biz bosses, thought leaders, and experts in their various topics who started online businesses a year or so ago, and are now out there full force--living their passions, waving their banners, serving their customers, changing the world. 

They’re also filling our inboxes with an abundance of messages that thrum with a new breed of language.

Hey you! Come join us for a crazy, whoopsy-daisy ride on the PROOF TRAIN! All aboarrrrrrrrrrrd!

This proof train carries messages intended to make us crave the gurus' FREAKIN' AWESOME SHIZZ. 

You know … the shizz that’s guaranteed to drop so many VALUE BOMBS on us that we’ll know the exact steps to take to LITERALLY EXPLODE our businesses?

Yeah. That shizz. 

If we want it, we better act fast, because the clock is ticking on that un-freaking-believable, EPIC offer.

Tick tock.

Tick tock.

Yes, we know that our businesses may be, at the moment, a HOT MESS. 

Yeah. I guess we could be, should be, CRUSHING IT. We could be, should be, SKYROCKETING our leads, sales, clicks, subscribers! 

And maybe, just maybe, if we laid out some cash for that course, program, webinar, teleseminar, ebook, mastermind, or system … then maybe … just maybe … we’d have the QUICKSTART to KICKSTART and JUMPSTART our success. 

Don’t you know? Don't you realize? Your success is out there! It's just waiting for you to MANIFEST it!

Yep. All we have to do is follow the system, the process, the blueprint, the plan. 

The magic JUJU the gurus have laid out for us. The path that will submerge us in a giddy rush of opportunity so swift … we won’t even know what hit us! 

Dear reader, does that language sound familiar to you?

And are you, as I am, just a wee bit repulsed? Do you feel just a little bit greasy? 

Does that fist-pumping, overly enthusiastic writing approach feel as icky and skin-prickly as the stereotypical used-car salesman who’ll do anything--ANYTHING--to get you to drive away in that gorgeous, pre-owned, warrantied vehicle — TODAY?.

I wonder: Do the people who send such messages actually speak to their tribes, their folks, their peeps that way in real life?

(I confess; I sometimes use “peeps,” too, although rarely, if ever, in business.)

I also wonder: Am I a bit stodgy?


Will I ever be that guru’s customer?


Sure, I could just unsubscribe; stop following their tribe. They’d be cool with it. They don’t want someone like me as a client, customer, fan, follower anyway. 

But … if I unsubscribe … I may lose out.

I may never discover the secret knowledge I need to grow my EMPIRE!

I may never learn to UNLEASH my INNER NINJA and build the MAGIC SALES VORTEX that’s going to propel me to rip-roaring new heights!

I may also miss the chuckles--and lessons--these emails give me. All for the low-low price of my email address!

So … don’t mind me.

I think I’ll stick around, at least for a little longer.

I just might find some gravy on that proof train 🙂

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