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Corporate writing & editing support

Corporate marketing, writing, and editing support

Considering hiring a marketing writer to support your sales, marketing, success, or content teams?

More important: Considering hiring me?

If so, I ask you to think about questions like these, which represent the types of issues I’ll address if you bring me on board for ad-hoc purposes or to serve as a virtual extension of your team.​

Questions to consider when creating or revamping your marketing content

  1. If the next prospect who visits your website, downloads your ebook, or reads another piece of your content compares that content to the content of your competitors, what will she see? What will she think? What will she feel?​
  2. Will she be able to tell you apart from your competitors?
  3. Will she find unique content, or simply a regurgitation of content that’s already out there on the Internet?
  4. Will your next prospect want to and enjoy reading your content? Or will he sigh, frustrated, feeling let down by yet another company that failed to respect his time, consider his questions, and anticipate his objections?
  5. Will he find helpful content, useful content, content that builds on that crucial “know, like, and trust” factor? Or will he find a litany of marketing messages about features and generic benefits that leaves him less than confident about your ability to help?

I’ve heard it said–and I believe–that empathy is the most important element in marketing. Yet it’s the element I most often find lacking in the digital space.

That’s why I’m here. To bring empathy into the picture, and in turn to lead more buyers to YES.​

Empathy: The missing ingredient in content marketing

Although writing is my talent, empathy is my Super Power. It’s the gift I’ll use to to help you create and revamp your marketing content so that it resonates with buyers, influencers, and anyone else who matters.

How can you tell if you need an infusion of empathy? You may need empathy if you think, have thought, or have heard things like this about your content:

Our web content is overrun with jargon, corporate-ese, or boring “about the company” babble instead of text that speaks directly to prospects.

Success stories lack details, depth, not to mention personality.

Blog posts are not revelatory — it’s all old news!

Sales is jumping on prospects too fast; we need to nurture people.

That new ebook is atrocious — we can’t publish this!

The whitepapers we put out sound stilted; they lack flow.

Client deliverables desperately need the attention of a marketing-minded wordsmith.

Our proposals need voice and energy.

Ad-hoc and as-needed writing and editing support for corporate marketing and sales teams

Since 2002, global companies have been relying on me at crunch times and to support various sales and marketing engines.

Among them:​

  • TapInfluence
  • Jazz (formerly The Resumator)
  • Satmetrix
  • Medallia
  • Vivisimo
  • RIMtec / FireApps
  • ImageTag
  • Triumph Learning
  • Deltak / Wiley
  • Prudential Retirement

Whether you need 10-12 hours of support to whip together a conference handout, 40 hours over two weeks to help you reshape existing collateral, or an ongoing, retainer-based monthly support relationship for those ad-hoc and last-minute projects that continually crop up, you can count on me.

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Or, if you have a specific project in mind, you may also click the button below to request a quote.​


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