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Editing services

As author, your job is to share your knowledge and stories with readers. As editor, my job is to help you organize your thoughts and share your knowledge and stories in a readable, enjoyable way.  During the work, I may poke at your assumptions to see if they're strong. I may question your statements. I may suggest adding or eliminating content. Depending on the piece and its purpose, I may also suggest adding graphics or images, or weaving a theme throughout. In all cases though, know that I act as your partner and advocate for your readers to create a piece you'll be proud of.      

Marketing editing

If your content isn't leading people to YES, my editing services can help. Per project or retainer.

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Academic editing

Just because it's for academics doesn't mean it has to be hard or unpleasant to read.

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What is great editing?

For those of you who've ever wondered what an editor really does and what value she adds.

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Forms of editing

Development editing, substantive editing, line editing ... which form of editing do you need?

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My editing process

Transforming your content from its current state to your desired state in a methodical way.

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Editing FAQ

Questions people ask me when considering whether I'm the right editor for them.

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