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Marketing content editing

Need a freelance marketing or business editor?

Perhaps you’re staring at what is supposed to be content for a future marketing brochure, sales proposal, website, or any of the 1,001 other documents your business might use to persuade, educate, or create awareness inside or outside of your company. Maybe it’s web content, an ebook, a blog post, a brochure, a press release, an employee handbook, a sales sheet, or a research report. 

You know something’s wrong with the content. Maybe it seems unpolished or doesn’t read well, or the introduction lacks pull and power. Perhaps the text seems unorganized, or there’s too little of it, or too much. It might lack transitions and a sense of smooth flow, or perhaps the style is wrong for the intended audience. Maybe you can’t identify precisely what’s wrong, but know that you don’t want the content appearing to readers in its current state.​

Enter The Write Idea.

I’ll happily take the burden from your hands, as content improvement is what I do best. Acting as “first reader,” I’ll gap-analyze your document by evaluating its current and understanding its desired state, and then offer a clear and detailed plan for closing the gaps and shaping the content to meet your intended objectives.(Read more about my Gap-Analysis Editing Process here.) The plan may call for developmental editing, substantive editing, and/or copy editing, depending on the gaps that exist. After sharing and discussing the plan with you, I'll tweak it based on your input and then prepare and deliver an updated plan.

With a plan for improvement in hand, you may turn the document back over to the original author, carry out the changes yourself, or hire me to do the work for you. If you let me know in advance that your goal is improve your or your staff’s writing, then I’ll elaborate on the “whys” of my recommendations as well. Either way, in the end, your document will be clear, concise, and compelling, serving both your interests and those of your readers.​


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