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My editing process

The Gap-Analysis Editing Process

I speak from experience: Majors problems can and do happen when editors edit comprehensively without following a process–-or, as I like to say, without conducting a gap analysis.

My process works like this:

  • STEP 1: Evaluate and, with your input, define the content’s desired state, looking at purpose, audience, budget, time-frame, goals.​
  • STEP 2: Analyze the existing content to learn where it falls short in meeting the stated purpose, audience, budget, time-frame, goals.
  • STEP 3: Create a plan for closing the gaps, thus bringing the content from here to there, from existing to desired state.
  • STEP 4: Most important, share and confirm the plan with you before proceeding, gaining extra clarity, guidance, and insight.

Editors who do not follow a process will, inevitably, wind up in situations where they misinterpret the desired state and thus either close gaps that never existed or close gaps incorrectly.

Although I have followed this process intuitively in the past, today I follow it formally and explicitly to avoid missing the boat, as I have done several times on various projects, primarily when I ignored step four and failed to consult with the author before making changes. I have since discovered that following a formal process not only helps me edit more efficiently and effectively, but also boosts your confidence and gives you added assurance that you’ve made the right decision in hiring me.​

Click the image below for a PDF version of my editing process.

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