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Evergreen blog posts. Epic blog posts. Foundational blog posts. How-to blog posts. Q & A blog posts. Run-of-the-mill blog posts.

Did you know that each and every blog post on your site is loaded with YES-potential? 

That's right: Every single blog post on your site gives you the ability to let people know you a little more, like you a little more, and trust you a little more ... all leading them closer and closer to saying YES to your offers.

The question is: How do you unleash that potential?

You unleash the power of your blog by:

  • Blogging about topics important to your target market
  • Answering common prospect and customer questions in your posts
  • Creating foundational blog posts that lay the framework for what your business is about
  • Developing several EPIC blog posts that dive deep into certain facets of your work (as it pertains to readers, of course)
  • Loading up on how-to and Q&A blog posts (great for driving organic traffic)
  • Speaking more about them in your posts, and less about you

If you've ever hesitated to start a blog for fear of running out of things to say, check out Problogger's list of 52 different blog types! And keep in mind that if you plan the work and work the plan, you can create a year's worth of weekly posts just from the advice in that article. 

However, I suspect you're here on my site reading these words right now because you're looking for someone to WRITE at least some of those blog posts for you. I also suspect you're thinking about choosing me as that someone. If that's the case, then you may also want to: 


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