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Brochure content writing service

Corporate brochures. Capabilities brochures. Trifold brochures. Folder brochures.

Need a brochure writer? Someone to create clear, concise, and professionally persuasive content for your corporate, capabilities, or other brochure?

I may be that writer, as developing organizational schemes and content for brochures is one of my favorite types of projects.​

As with all content-writing projects, my first step in thinking about content for a brochure is to discover where it fits in your sales process–and in your buyers’ buying process.​

Is it an awareness brochure? An awareness brochure educates buyers about one or more problems or opportunities–perhaps problems they didn’t even realize they had, or opportunities they hadn’t recognized before. Such a brochure may act as a thought-leadership piece, shifting readers’ perceptions and showing them “another way” (YOUR way!) to solve a challenge or achieve goals.​

Is it a brochure used in the consideration process? Are readers trying to determine if your solution is right for them? Is it a decision brochure, one that differentiates and illustrates why your company is the right choice, one that moves the reader a step closer to YES?​

Or maybe your piece needs to serve all readers in all stages.​

Either way, if you're thinking about hiring me to help you create a YES-driving brochure, you may also want to:


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