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Other content writing

Need other ways to market your business? Enter miscellaneous business content.

Business content includes all of the print and online documents you use in and for your business to communicate to customers and prospects: Brochures, flyers, newsletters, sales sheets, special reports, proposals, presentations, e-books ... the list goes on.

When you're producing such materials, it's crucial to target your content to specific readers, and to develop content that matches how people typically buy what you sell.

For example, suppose most readers first learn about your company, product, or service through print ads, which then direct them to your website. Suppose further that the job of your website is to lead readers either to download a whitepaper or brochure, or to initiate contact with sales.

You'll want to ​keep such thoughts in mind as you plan out and write the content. Specifically:

1. Since your website is the first stop in this particular buying cycle, use it to whet prospects’ appetites, as well as to pre-qualify and capture permission to market to those who request your whitepaper or brochure. Don’t give the farm away, so to speak, on your website, or you’ll have nothing new to say in the whitepaper and brochure.​

2. Create different content for your website and other collateral. I don’t know about you, but I dislike browsing a website and then requesting a brochure only to find that it contains the same text or a rehash of what I’ve already read on the website.

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