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A new website, new product, new service … unfortunately, those things just aren’t news anymore. Thousands of new products and services are launched every day, and many of the launchers send press releases. Editors report that they’re inundated with press releases, and that the quality of most of them is laughable at best.

Here are two tips on how to give your release an edge over all the other releases in an editor’s inbox.

First, try to find a newsworthy angle—tie your release into something else that is considered “news.” Are you launching a new site that sells services to moms-to-be? That isn’t news in itself. But what about tying the news of your launch into the latest government report that says single moms are slowly becoming the largest percentage of households in the U.S.? Write a release that uses that news, and shows how your site offers resources to those moms-to-be.​

Second, if you can’t find a newsworthy angle right away, consider writing an informational, or “evergreen,” press release. For example, say you’re opening a business that sells pools. In-ground pools. Why not write a press release on “10 Tips for Getting the Perfect Pool in Time for Summer.” Fill it with information that the editor’s readers will want to know. And make it more like a story. With your name attached, you’ve represented yourself — and become known — as an expert on pools.

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