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Eureka! Success story!

You know what a success story is, right? It's literally a story that illustrates how your product, service, or solution eased a pain, solved a problem, changed a life, or helped someone power through a challenge or grab hold of an opportunity.

The best success stories, in my opinion, follow a narrative arc and are told through the words of the people who bought from you and experienced wins -- kind of how a powerful newspaper or magazine article tells a story with lots of quotes.

In these winning stories, you'll typically see:

  • A powerful introduction about the person's life "before" to draw in readers
  • A complete, detailed exposition of how that person was struggling, reaching, yearning
  • An "ah ha!" moment when the person realized or discovered that the desired "after" was possible
  • A walk through the process the person took to figure out which path to "after" was best
  • What life was like in the period between purchasing and achieving the "after" state
  • A detailed look at life "after"

This formula works well whether you're selling to businesses or consumers, primarily because "businesses" don't buy -- but people inside those businesses do! If you're selling to businesses, your stories might include a few extra elements, for instance, how the change you helped make happen also touched influencers and stakeholders, like your customer's customers, end users, IT stakeholders, the VP of marketing, or upper echelons of management. 

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