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STOP SELLING: The secret to copy that sells

By Renae Gregoire

In this post... 

Discover how to sell without selling, something you probably do all the time but don't even know it.  In this post, I share my experience speaking with someone who sold me on her magnificence, and then told me that she didn't like to ... and wasn't good at ... selling.  

You might THINK you can't sell, but I bet you can

What follows is a true (pre-pandemic) story.

I was at a long, enjoyable lunch at Brixx (pizza, yum!) with a gal I met on Facebook. 

We both happen to live in the Asheville area.

We both also hail from Philly and surrounds.

We both also call the University of South Florida our alma mater.

We're almost twinsies!

This gal is a real change maker. A business growth master. A business growth maestro! (My words, not hers.)

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She can look at your business and very quickly identify opportunities for it to grow. 

Not only that, but she'll get her hands dirty, too, working with you to make that growth happen.

I was impressed. 

But ... here's the thing: During our conversation, she mentioned that she's not comfortable with selling. 

She told me that she can sell stuff for her clients' businesses but struggles to sell for herself.

I was surprised. 

"But ... everything you've been telling me about yourself so far ... that IS selling," I said.

She looked a bit puzzled.

I said something like this:

You've just been telling me how you want to partner with business owners—even in terms of profit sharing or equity stakes—to take their businesses to the next level. That's a selling point, a marketing message. You've been telling me about businesses you know you can help, and the ideas you have for helping them. Now tell them what you just told me! That's selling!

She was getting it, as I knew she would.

I told her my theory about selling, which is, simply, this:

People love to buy but hate to be sold.

So why sell them? 

Help people buy instead.

Here's an example of how to help people buy using your website.

Suppose someone just landed on your site.

She's your perfect potential client.

If she's not visiting your site for research or curiosity, chances are it's because she's interested in what you do. 

She wants to know:

  • What you do
  • How you do it
  • How WELL you do it
  • If she can find answers to her questions
  • Whether she can reach you if needed
  • Whether she can trust you
  • Whether she should take the next step, whatever it may be

That's what your website has to make possible.

Is that selling? No.

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It's educating. Answering questions. Tackling objections. Establishing authority, credibility, and trust.

The same thing applies when you're on a call with a prospect—someone who asked to or agreed to speak with you.

The very fact that they're on the phone with you means they want your help. 

You don't have to sell them ... to read off lists of benefits and try to force them into some lame sales conversation.

All you have to do is ask questions about their problem.

Probe their pains. 

That, alone, will show that you get it.

Then, when the explorations are over, simply say something like, "I can help you with this. Would you like me to tell you how?"

If the answer is no, then it's no.

You're not for everyone.

But those you ARE for ... those folks will want to learn more.

And you still won't have to sell them.

Just provide more education, answer questions, offer evidence, propose that you work together.

Help people take the next step in the sales process, whatever that may be.

You'll still get NOs. 

That's just the nature of business.

But you'll definitely get more YESes if you give people what they need and make it easy to buy.

So go ahead. Get out there and STOP SELLING! 🙂


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