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The Energy of Your Business

By Renae Gregoire

Here I sit, in my family room, looking out to the lush outdoors, as if through an imaginary picture frame.  

In the foreground, in front of the frame, is my new Chinese money plant. It's doing quite well. It's also bringing me money, as I knew it would.

Filling the upper right corner of the frame are several high branches of pine. A tall, prickly holly tree protrudes into the upper left.  

Closer in, on the deck, is our new crepe myrtle, dotted with lots and lots of lovely pink blooms. They're not just pink--they're hot pink!

Photo by Mary Hammel on Unsplash

The wind is blowing, a gentle, steady breeze punctuated by the occasional gust.

What I see outside, I realize, is the Universe expressing its energy.

You and I are also expressions of that energy. Of God, if you will.

My husband is an expression of that energy. So are my children. So are my mother and father and sisters.

My father... he is no longer on this earth, but he is.

Energy can not be destroyed; it only changes form.

My father is like a ship that has sailed past the horizon. He exists, just as large and proud as ever. I just can't see him anymore. He is over yonder.

Off to my right, my husband and daughter are cooking dinner. They are pouring their energy into the meal. I smell that energy! My stomach rumbles.

Then, as these thoughts play out in my mind, I decide to capture them here to share with you.

How will you express your energy today?

My husband and I recently visited an art gallery in Greenville, South Carolina. It was a hidden place, noticeable only because of the placard outside the narrow entryway. "Art gallery!" the sign read, with an arrow pointing down the stairs. "Come on in!"


Though the stairway was dark, the gallery was a delight of color and light! I was immediately awash in waves of creative energy. The air bristled and hummed! Art was everywhere--on the walls, propped up on counters, hanging on hooks, dangling from the ceiling.

Each piece of art, I realized, was an expression of the artist's energy.

Each piece of art quite literally represented the energy of the artist who created it.

That sad, angry portrait with slashed streaks of paint surrounding the sad, angry face.

The beautiful painting of a horse with soulful eyes. I love horses but am also scared of them. I want to get to know a horse.

A colorful collection of broken stained glass, carefully reassembled to form my favorite bird, a brilliant red cardinal.







Room after room after room filled with eclectic collections of energy.

I wanted to take so much of it with me!

Isn't that why we buy art?

The energy of a piece soothes us, stirs us, beckons to us.

We don't want to leave it.

We recognize ourselves in it.

We exchange our dollars for it.

And claim, or reclaim, it as our own.

Your business is an expression of your energy, too.

What's yours like?

Sometimes, the energy of my business feels like a happy puppy!

Hello! I'm so glad to see you! Let's work together! I can't wait to help you! I have so much to share with you!

Other times, the energy of my business feels like a wise, old owl. 

Hello. Hoo Hoo. Care to join me? Hoo Hoo. I've seen so much in my time. Hoo Hoo. Pull up a chair. Hoo Hoo. May I offer you a cup of tea? Then we can talk. Hoo.

The energy of your business comes through in everything you do.

The products you sell. The services you provide. Your website. Your social media presence. Your blog. Your emails.

I'm a content writer, so I know that's what writing is all about.

It's expressing your energy to others in ways that helps them recognize themselves.

And just like me in the art shop, wanting to take so much of that energy with me, your ideal prospects will pick up on YOUR energy, and want to take it with them.

That's when they click, call, connect, and, finally, say YES.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash


The next time you sit down to work, take five minutes to reflect on and notice the energy of your business.

If you'd like to capture your reflections on paper, I invite you to download my 5 Day Journaling Plan for Entrepreneurs, too; you'll find it at the bottom of the page.


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