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Because you're reading these words, chances are you're an “ideas” person who shares your vision through writing. You write to attract new partners, new investors, new talent, new prospects, and new clients. You write to educate, persuade, and inspire action. You write because you believe in your ideas. You want your ideas to reach others, and, ultimately, to change the world.

But writing may not always come easy.

You may be as articulate as President Barak Obama, but there's something about putting thought to keyboard that stymies you. 

  • Maybe English is not your first language, yet you're writing to a North American audience
  • Perhaps you're a busy startup founder with more ideas and half-finished drafts than time
  • You could be a technical professional, brilliant in your domain but admittedly not a writer
  • Or maybe you're a consultant who needs assurance that, yes, what you're writing makes sense 

I can help.

Over the last 20 years, I've written, ghostwritten, and edited for strategy consultants, management consultants, IT consultants, corporate executives, high-flying CEOs and founders, and people whose native language is not English.

The goal of our work is always to create amazing content experiences that influence and convert.

I invite you to get to know me by attending one of my free, twice-monthly training webinars, promoted under the banner of "Influence and Convert." Each session lasts 30 minutes, and no selling is involved. The webinars are my way of reaching more people and fulfilling MY mission of making the web a better place for us all, one web page, one ebook, one email at a time.

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