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My three words for 2018

By Renae Gregoire

My three guiding words for 2018

What word or words will guide you in 2018?

I follow and am in a group coaching program held by Christine Kane, who has a FABULOUS and in-depth Word-of-the-Year Discovery Tool.  

Last year, I used that tool to find my word for 2017, which was CHOOSE.

I'm not sure what happened to the word though; as the year rolled on, I simply forgot about it.

This year, I discovered Chris Brogan, who uses three words instead of one (#my3words). I liked his idea of triangulating what I want for the New Year, and this year have chosen three words to guide me through 2018.

Even better, Chris uses a daily worksheet to guide how he moves through his day, and at the top of the sheet is a space to write your three words.

Getting the most from Chris Brogan's #my3words

I blurred the other areas from Chris' worksheet because, well, it's Chris' worksheet! If you want to access it, head over to and get on Chris' list. 

His worksheet is not only a fantastic way to move productively through the day in ways that matter; it's also a fantastic way to keep my three words alive and close to my heart throughout 2018. 

With that said, I present my three words for 2018.

(It's a Google Slides presentation; click the play button under the slide!)


Over the years, I've forced my body to take on a lot more than it's supposed to, and now I'm paying for it with medical issues and pain, lots of pain. I want 2018 to be a year of HEALing for my body.


For the last few years, I've felt as if I've been spinning my wheels but going nowhere. I have not moved FORWARD with much. This year will be different. This year, I'll use tools provided by people like Christine Kane and Chris Brogan to organize and move FORWARD through my days, weeks, and months in 2018. Chris likes to say ... as your day goes, so, too, go your weeks, months, and years. (That's not a direct quote; I'm paraphrasing, and not in the most elegant way possible!) This year, I will spend time every day working on at least one thing that moves my business FORWARD.


I also want 2018 to be a year of PLENTY ... plenty of clients, plenty of income, plenty of revenue, plenty of FORWARD movement and HEALING. I also want to be aware of and thankful for all of the PLENTY that already exists in my life.

There you have it. My three words for 2018.

What's your word or words? If you care to share, comment below.

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous 2018!

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